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Sunday, March 29, 2009

True Colors
Kristin Hannah
St. Martin’s Press; $25.95

Sharon Galligar Chance
(Originally published in the Wichita Falls Times Record News)

The delicate relationship dance of sisters is always fascinating, and this is portrayed beautifully in Kristin Hannah’s latest novel, True Colors.
The Grey sisters, Winona, Aurora and Vivi Ann, grew up on their father’s ranch on the coast of Washington, each with her own special abilities and talents. But each girl longed for their reclusive and hard-edged father’s love and admiration in their own heartbreaking way.
Winona, the eldest, is a dreamer with a practical edge. She is the one who was the “rock” of the family when their mother died, bringing up her sisters and taking care of their father’s home. Winona went on to become a lawyer, and helps with the business side of the family’s horse interests, but she secretly longs for love and a family of her own.
Aurora, surprisingly the sensible, no-nonsense middle sister, is married with children, but wonders if she has missed out on some excitement in her life.
And then there is Vivi Ann.
The baby of the family, Vivi is the apple of her father’s eye. She is beautiful, vivacious and a champion barrel racer – the kind of girl the fellows love to be around. It’s Vivi who comes up with a winning plan to save her father’s horse operations, and she manages to bring the business back in the black.
But one fateful decision to follow her heart leads Vivi down a road of heartbreak and pain that threatens to single-handedly destroy her, her business and her family. (Yes, a man enters the picture and, as usual, upsets the entire apple cart. But then again, it wouldn’t be a great romantic story if this didn’t happen!) So she turns to the two people in her life she knows she can trust, who have been the constant stable force in her life – her big sisters Winona and Aurora. Together the Grey girls reunite their family, reclaim their business and heal their hearts.
Combining the wild beauty of the Northwest Pacific coast, the excitement of horse training and barrel racing, and the dynamics and emotions of a strong family, “True Colors” is a novel that is hard to put down.
Kristin Hannah has long been known as writer who is tuned in to the emotions and dramas of family life, and with “True Colors,” she truly shines as she weaves her story of sisters who love and despise each other, sometimes at the same time, but always stay loyal to each other in the end. This is Hannah’s seventeenth novel, and decidedly one of her best.

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