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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cream Puff Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery
By Joanne Fluke
Kensington Books; $24

What do cream puff pastries; regency romance, exercising and murder have in common? Not a lot, unless you are Hannah Swenson and the cream puffs you made for your mother’s regency romance novel unveiling were found with the murdered body of the town’s exercise maven. In a hot tub, no less!
In Joanne Fluke’s latest novel in the Hannah Swenson series, “Cream Puff Murder,” Fluke once again delights her readers with a lively mystery and a bevy of delicious recipes to boot.
With her mother’s romance novel coming out soon, Hannah is desperate to lose some weight to fit into the costume her mother has decreed must be worn to the book-signing party. Reluctantly Hannah turns to the Heavenly Bodies Fitness Center for help, and ends up with her nemesis Ronni Ward as her instructor. Ronni was renown for flirting with Hannah’s sometimes-boyfriend/police officer Mike Kingston as well as every other eligible man in town.
And if she wasn’t aggravated enough putting up with Ronni’s sadistic exercise routines, Hannah is doubly upset when she finds out that Mike has talked her out of a plate of cream puffs to take to Ronni’s birthday party. But aggravation turns to distress when Ronni is found floating face down in the hot tub at Heavenly Bodies, with the plate of Hannah’s cream puffs by her side.
Hannah puts aside her dislike of the former floozy and sets to work to clear Mike’s name as a suspect, and to find out just who disliked ol’ Ronni enough to put an end to her philandering ways.
“Cream Puff Murder” is Joanne Fluke’s 11th novel, and she has managed to retain the same quirky cast of characters that her readers have come to adore, as well as providing some of most delicious recipes to be found. (Hey Joanne, how about a Hannah Swenson cookbook?)
Try a plateful of delectable cream puffs and settle in for a cozy and exciting mystery read, courtesy of Hannah and Joanne.

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