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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fat Chance: A Novel
By Rhonda Pollero
Pocket Books; $14

As you can imagine, having the last name of Chance for 26 years, I have heard every “chance” joke to come down the line. So I winced a little bit when the new novel by Rhonda Pollero crossed my desk. A book called “Fat Chance.” Ok, I’ll give it a shot.
Turns out, Pollero has produced a cute, well-written and intriguing suspense novel.
The Fat in “Fat Chance,” actually stands for the heroine of the story, Finely Anderson Tanner. Finely is an estates and trusts paralegal for a prestigious law firm in Palm Beach, Florida. She is a sucker for fashion, a master at discovering fabulous EBay bargains, and much to her mother’s chagrin, has solved a murder or two or three.
In an effort to give Finley some respectability, Finley’s mother bequeaths her a less-than-stellar beach cottage that offers a little more than property value. And there happens to be a skeleton in the closet… a real skeleton!
Now, in addition to staging an Extreme Home Makeover Finley-style, F.A.T. takes on the task of finding out who the skeleton was, and how its untimely demise ultimately relates back to an acquaintance of Finley’s beloved first stepfather. She recruits the help of hunky police detective Liam McGarrity, her new boss Tony Caprelli, and her bevy of fashion-loving friends to help her investigate the cold-case murder, and renovate and redecorate, in that order.
Confused? I was too, in the beginning, as “Fat Chance” is the third installment in the Finley Anderson Tanner series. (The other two books in this series are “Knock Em Dead” and “Knock Off.”) But due to Pollero’s polished writing style, it was easy to catch up on the cast of characters and the past situations that bring Finley to her present state of mayhem. According to Pollero’s website (http://www.rhondapollero.com/) she has more Finley novels in the works, so I for one will be anxious to see what new mischief and what new bargains Finley comes up with.
So, in retrospect, this Chance was glad she took a chance on giving “Fat Chance” a slim chance of approval. It was well worth it.

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