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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everyone She Loved - a heartwrenching story!

Everyone She Loved
By Sheila Curran
Atria Books; $25.00

Who hasn’t at some time wished for the ability to have control over the happiness of the lives of those they love, even after they have passed away?

That’s what wills are for, right? Supposedly.

Penelope May Cameron wanted the best possible life for her husband Joey and her girls if anything should ever happen to her. After all, she had more money than God, as she was fond of saying, and she wanted to be sure that her family didn’t fall into the hands of some money-grubbing gold-digger. So Penelope persuades her three best friends, Lucy, Martha, Susannah, and her stepsister, Clover, to sign a codicil to her last will and testament, stating that they had final approval over anyone Penelope’s husband would want to marry, in the event of Penelope’s passing. Her friends, humoring Penelope’s whim, go along with the idea, never thinking that the unimaginable might happen.

But happen it does. Penelope is killed, leaving Joey and the girls alone and devastated. It’s up to her friends and family to rally around to create an atmosphere of trust and normalcy for everyone affected by the loss.

Two years after Penelope’s death, it has fallen on Lucy to assume the role of surrogate mother, caring for her friend’s daughters as if they were her own. She has a special relationship with Joey, but has never acted upon her intense feelings, not wanting to upset life as everyone had become accustomed to.

But when a pair of scheming distant cousins call for a look into Penelope strange will and last wishes, and a pretty but devious dance instructor appears on the scene, life as it was known would never quite be the same again for anyone Penelope had loved.

Shelia Curran, author of “Everyone She Loved,” delivers a fascinating look at family dynamics in this amazing novel. Her cast of characters has depth and nuances that will entrance readers, and her storyline, pulled from the pages of an actual incident, is enthralling.

“Everyone She Loved” would make a dandy movie, and I, for one, would pay to see it!

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