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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor
By Dana Canedy
Crown Books; $25.95

Once in a great while a book comes along that grabs your heartstrings with its inspiration and encouragement, assuring you that there is a better life out there somewhere among the tragedies of today’s world. “A Journal for Jordan” is one of those rare instances.

Subtitled “A Story of Love and Honor,” “A Journal for Jordan” by Dana Canedy began its life in the form of a series of messages from Canedy’s fiancĂ©, First Sergeant Charles King to their son, Jordan. Sgt. King had been deployed to Iraq a few months before Jordan’s birth, and Canedy wanted the father of her child to share as much of his life with his unborn son as he could. So she bought him a simple journal, and from there the odyssey began as King shared his life as a soldier and as a man through his journal entries.

King was unable to give his journal to young Jordan in person. Sgt. King was killed in Iraq when a bomb exploded under the Humvee he was riding in. When Canedy, a New York Times reporter, wrote about her fiancĂ©e’s journal, she received so many words of encouragement and outpourings of love, she felt compelled to share the journal with others in the hope that it would help them also heal from the wounds of war.

“A Journal for Jordan” is also Canedy’s letter to her son, sharing chapters in between King’s journal entries, telling of her and Charles’ relationship, how they were two of the most mismatched people in the world, but their love for each other bond them together. King was a quiet, artistic career military man, dedicated to his soldiers so much that he missed the birth of his son. Canedy was a Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter who was feisty and loud and on the go. But somehow the couple managed to squeeze a lifetime of living in the few short years they had together.
This is obvious in the words from both King and Canedy to their son.

In addition to preserving his father’s legacy for Jordan, Canedy also offers strength and hope to those who have lost loved ones, whether in wartime instances or other personal tragedies. It is also a testament to the courage and sacrifice made by those who serve our country with total dedication.

“A Journal for Jordan” is a powerful memoir that will touch your heart, touch your soul, and touch your mind.

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