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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BBF'S! Best Friends Forever!!

Eleanor Roosevelt said “…Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” How very wise and true.

Addie and Valerie had been best friends since they were nine years old. Through thick and thin they had been by each other’s side until a series of devastating circumstances that occur during high school drive them apart. Each girl goes about her life – Valerie becomes a high-profile TV weather girl while Addie stays home to care for her brother and pursue her art career – but neither ever really forgot about the other.

So imagine Addie’s surprise when she opens the door one night, ten years after she last saw Valerie, to find her friend standing on her doorstep with blood all over her coat, desperately begging Addie for help. It seems that the incident that tore the girls apart in high school has weighed heavy on Valerie’s mind, and at the class reunion, she decides to take justice in her own hands and teach a former overbearing classmate a lesson or two. Unfortunately, in the process Val may have accidentally run over the fool in the process. The only person she knows to turn to is Addie, but will Addie find it in her heart to forgive her flighty friend and help her figure out what to do?

Police Chief Jordan Novick has been called in to investigate an odd finding at the local Country Club where the high school reunion had been held. There has obviously been some sort of accident or altercation in the parking lot, but all that’s left is a spot of blood and a leather belt. When he begins digging into who might have been fighting at the reunion, sources keep sending him to look up Addie Downs and see how she might be involved. To his surprise, the chief finds himself attracted to the quiet young painter.

Meanwhile, Dan Swansea, former high school football star, has found himself in quite a pickle. He feels like he’s been hit by a car or something, and can’t seem to find his clothes, including his belt.

Jennifer Weiner’s new book, “Best Friends Forever,” follows the ups and downs of the friendship between Addie and Valerie over the years. Weiner’s talent for fascinating character development shines as she pulls the reader into the emotions and situations that surround this story through the various players, proving once again that her books are always great choices for gratifying and uplifting reads.

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