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Monday, July 27, 2009

Doing the Charleston with a Ghost!

Lara Lington’s life is a bit of a shambles. She’s just lost her boyfriend, has a terrible job and has an overly attentive family who don’t understand her. But Lara thinks she has truly lost her mind when, while attending the funeral of her 105-year old great aunt, the ghost of Aunt Sadie suddenly appears out of nowhere, dressed to the nines in complete roaring 20s regalia, demanding to know where her favorite necklace has gotten off to.

And Lara is the only one who can see or hear her!

So begins “Twenties Girl,” the madcap adventures of a modern day gal and her ghostly Charleston-loving flapper of an aunt as they comb London trying to find the memento that will allow Sadie to rest in peace.

Lara finds juggling her dead-end job as a corporate headhunter while dealing with her persistent ghostly visitor a bit of a headache. But when Sadie happens upon Ed Harrison, a delightfully handsome American businessman, and sets him and Lara up on a “chance” encounter, Lara’s love life at least begins to look up.

Meanwhile, as she and Sadie do some private sleuthing, Lara discovers that her ultra-rich Uncle, owner of an elite chain of coffee shops and a self-made entrepreneur guru, might have not told the entire truth about the whereabouts of her aunt’s necklace. And a mystery lover in Sadie’s early life is the key to everyone finding love, happiness and peace at last.

“Twenties Girl” by author Sophie Kinsella, is a rollercoaster ride of a story. Kinsella, who is best known for her bestselling “Confessions of A Shopaholic” series, delivers a fun, action packed tale that is complicated but satisfying. With a vast cast of characters and an intense plotline, readers might need a GPS just to keep up. But the reward in the end is worth it, as “Twenties Girl” is a warm, engaging novel, perfect for a summer read.

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