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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Moon Looked Down - a dramatic WWII novel

The Moon Looked Down
By Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing; $13.99

During the early days of American’s involvement in World War II, it was common knowledge of how Japanese Americans were rounded up and put in interment camps. But what about Americans who had immigrated to this country from Germany?

Dorothy Garlock’s new book, The Moon Looks Down, takes a look at how one German family in a small Illinois town had to put with bigotry, oppression and intimidation as the country was turned upside down during war-time.

Sophie Heller’s family has lived and farmed outside of Victory, Illinois for many years, escaping the growing furor in their native Germany. So when a group of masked men burns down their barn, assaults her father and insinuates that the family is really a group of Nazi spies, the family’s peaceful existence soon is filled with fear. Her father vows to continue on with their lives as normal, but Sophie knows that danger lurks around every corner as long as the threat of violence is in the air. When she discovers an old boyfriend might have been involved with the incident, Sophie doesn’t understand how hate could have turned someone close against her.

Cole Ambrose knows something about intolerance and discrimination, having dealt with being severely handicapped all his life. He is also dealing with the estrangement from his family over an accident that took his mother’s life. But he has returned to Victory to try and reconcile with his father while taking a job as a math teacher at the high school. When he encounters Sophie at a local diner as she confronts a group of men who have insulted her, Cole steps in before more violence can erupt. As he gets to know the pretty young German, he soon finds out that there is more to Sophie’s problems than ignorant slurs, and Cole vows to do what he can to help.

As the two struggle to overcome the conflict that threatens the town, their love for one another proves to be the steady constant that will see them through.

Dorothy Garlock is well recognized for her heartfelt Americana-laced novels and with this latest release, “The Moon Looked Down,” she once again proves why she is a master storyteller. Taking a page from history, Garlock makes you feel like you are right there in that time and place as you are drawn into the story. With over 50 novels to her credit, Garlock once again delivers a spell-binding heartfelt tale that is sure to be another success.

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