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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three novels of inspiration, love and hope

The Red Siren
By M.L. Tyndall
Barbour Publishing; $10.97

Stand-In Groom
By Kaye Dacus
Barbour Publishing; $10.97

A Cousin’s Promise
By Wanda Brunstetter
Barbour Publishing; $10.97

A lady pirate, a wedding planner and an Amish girl…what do these three women have in common? A strong faith in God, and a strong yearning for romance, that’s what.

In the following three inspirational novels, readers will find fun, adventure and romance with a little bit of good old faith sprinkled in for a great reading.

M.L. Tyndall provides a rollicking good story with a message of redemption and hope in “The Red Siren.”

A proper lady by day, a pirate by night, Faith Westcott is a gal who is determined to do what’s best for her family. When she is left to care for her younger sisters Grace and Hope, Faith loses what little belief she has in God, and does what she deems best for herself and her family.

Dajon Waite is a proper British navy man who has sworn off women for good, only to end up as “guardian” of the three Westcott girls. When he finds himself falling for Faith, the good captain must look deep inside his heart as well as his faith for understanding to this unusual relationship.

This is not your usual inspirational work of fiction. It’s lively, fun and yes, inspiring. Look for the next installment of the “Charles Town Belles” to be coming soon.

In Kaye Dacus’ novel, “Stand-In Groom,” the question of faith and trust is centermost, and Dacus provides the answers in a delightful romantic fashion.
Anne Hawthorne is a successful wedding planner in Bonneterre, Louisiana, but yearns for the day when she is the bride at the altar. When the handsome Englishman George Laurence enters her life, Anne thinks she has found the man she has been waiting for. Unfortunately, he is someone else’s groom.

George is living a lie that could damage his heart as well as his faith. Forced to stand in for his employer and pretend he is the groom or lose his job, George finds himself more and more attracted to the wedding planner than the bride he is supposed to be crazy for.

Dacus has written a dazzling story full of twists and turns, and a healthy dose of good food and great music. Her inspiring outcome will please readers, and have them yearning for the next edition.

Wanda Brunstetter is renown for her tales of Amish life, and in her latest novel, “A Cousin’s Promise,” she looks at the struggles of dealing with the modern world through the eyes of a young Amish girl.

Lorraine Miller loves her fiancé Wayne. But when a tragedy causes him to lose a leg, Wayne pushes Lorraine away, not wanting to burden her with his handicap and his fate.

Confused and hurting, Lorraine tries to be patient, but when an old boyfriend shows up from time spent in the “English” world, she is even more bewildered as to her feelings. She turns to her faith in God looking for answers to her predicament.

This first book in the “Indiana Cousins” series is an interesting, in-depth look into the life of the Amish and how they adjust and live in the modern day world, but yet hold on to their faith and traditions.

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