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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Three to Pick From!

Three Novels that depict the wide range of women's emotions.

Four Wives
By Wendy Walker
St. Martin’s Griffin; $14.95

Real Life and Liars
By Kristina Riggle
Avon A Books; $13.99

Home Repair
By Liz Rosenberg
Avon A Books; $13.99

Whether it’s raising children, refereeing the in-laws, or dealing with stressful marital relationships, all women experience many of the same problems at one time or another. Three women authors in three different books take an in-depth look at the way women view and deal with life’s ups and downs.

“Home Repair” by Liz Rosenberg, explores the quickly disintegrating life of Eve. As she is holding a garage sale, ridding her family’s life of excess junk, her younger-than-she husband is quietly loading up his belongings and hitting the road. Confused and devastated, Eve must put aside her own emotional loss to deal with her children’s reaction, as well as the care of her elderly mother who has come to “help.”

When local park worker Jonah Cement steps in to carry a bit of Eve’s burden, she finds herself oddly attracted to the kind black gentleman. But Eve soon discovers that not all relationships can be as simple and tidy as she’d like, but most are passion-filled adventures that might lead to the most curious of people coming into and fulfilling her life.

“Real Life And Liars,” by Kristina Riggle, introduces the reader to the tumultuous Zielinski family and the fast-paced, fascinating happenings of one stormy weekend.
Mirabelle Zielinski and her husband, Max, are set to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, and all three of their children are coming home. But Mirabelle has just discovered she has breast cancer, and is struggling to find a way to tell her family as well as deal with the diagnosis herself.

In the midst of the chaos that is family, Mirabelle watches from a distance as her eldest daughter, Katya, works herself into a frenzy preparing for the anniversary party even as her own marriage is unraveling; her musically gifted middle son, Ivan. drifts in and out while two girlfriends fight for his attention; and youngest daughter, Irina, shows up pregnant and toting a new and slightly disturbing husband.
Family fights, intense make-ups and a tornado thrown in for good measure make “Real Life And Liars” an absorbing look into family life that goes beyond dysfunctional.

“Four Wives,” by Wendy Walker, focuses on the lives and friendships of four intelligent, highly motivated women stuck in the dramas of life in suburbia.

Marie has opened her own law practice, specializing in helping the fathers in divorce cases maintain connections with their families while her own marriage is on the edge of failure. Gayle is an heiress who maintains her high profile life while dealing with the secret of abuse in her marriage. Love is a doctor’s wife whose scandalous past and secrets has her practically disabled. And last, but not least, Janie is the perfect housewife with a dirty little clandestine affair that threatens to destroy all four women’s lives. This is “Desperate Housewives” revved up a notch or two.

These are three examples of women’s fiction at its best. I think all readers will find an emotion or two that will tug at heartstrings among these stories.

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