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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's Inspirational Novels are not your grandmother's Grace Livingstone Hill!

Inspirational books for women have a decidedly new look these days. What used to be sweet, romantic novels featuring chaste love and delicate sensibilities have given way to contemporary situations and outlooks. This is not your grandmother’s Grace Livingstone Hill books.

There are messages of God’s love, redemption and forgiveness among today’s inspirational books, but the heroines are enlightened gals with modern problems that need fixed in a definitely up-to-the-minute way.

In “The Reluctant Cowgirl,” by Christine Lynxwiler, Crystal McCord is an up and coming off-Broadway actress on the verge of discovery when a family crisis in Arkansas calls her home. Although memories of tragedy await her at her parent’s ranch, Crystal knows her family is depending on her to help out, so she puts on a brave face and plunges into her hardest acting job ever – pretending to be happy to be home.

Jeremy Buchanan is struggling with a family tragedy of his own – his young daughter was taken by his vengeful ex-wife and he has devoted his time and energy into getting his little girl back. But when he is asked to help out at the McCord Ranch while the neighbors are away, he agrees, never dreaming he would find his heart thawing a bit for the vivacious Crystal. The two soon find that the road back to love can be a rocky one, and forgiveness for deeds and circumstances long past is a commodity that is meager, but together with God’s help they can hold onto a love that will sustain them for a lifetime.

Author Christine Lynxwiler serves up an inspirational story of healing in her latest novel that proves once you allow God to be to be in control, life’s problems are so much easier to handle.
Set in a small East Texas town, “Texas Heat,” by Debra White Smith, is an unusually gritty, suspense-filled tale of deceit, embezzlement and murder that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Charli Friedmont is a single mother just barely scraping by as a bank teller in her hometown. But she is content to live a quiet life taking care of her daughter Bonnie and being active in her local church. So when her former boyfriend Jack Mansfield, now police chief of Bullard, Texas, comes to arrest her on embezzlement charges, Charli is taken totally by surprise.

Jack Mansfield had been devastated when Charli dumped him years ago for another man, but finds he still harbors feelings for her. Although it’s his duty to carry out the law and arrest Charli, Jack promises he will do everything he can to help her and find the real culprit in all this mess. Working together to clear her name, Charli and Jack discover their faith in God and their trust in one another is all they need to sustain them through the dark times ahead.

In this first installment of her “Texas Intrigue” series, Debra White Smith introduces the Mansfield brothers and their individual struggles to find love and regain their faith in God. Written in a spirited and captivating style, this series should prove to be a favorite among readers.

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