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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Female Indiana Jones!

Have you ever wondered what Indiana Jones would be like as a woman?

Nah, me either.

But I have found a story of a woman who could give Indiana Jones a run for his money!

Jade del Cameron can outshoot and outthink any man, soothe the savage beasts and still stay feminine. A renown photojournalist living in 1920s Africa, she is a legend in her own time for her escapades and adventures. She’s even got the brown felt hat to go with the safari outfit.

Now all her skills are about to be called into play as she helps to lead a hapless movie crew up Mount Kilimanjaro to search for King Solomon’s lost treasure.

In the fifth installment of the Jade del Cameron Mysteries, “Treasure of the Golden Cheetah,” author Suzanne Arruda delights her readers once again with the adventures of a strong female character not afraid of a little dirt and discomfort. Jade del Cameron is one of the feistiest heroine’s I’ve run across in a long time and it’s pure fun and excitement keeping up with her escapades.

Despite the objections of her boyfriend, Sam Featherstone, Jade has been contracted to help out Sam’s rival Harry Hascombe as he leads a Hollywood film crew through the wilds and up the mystic mountain of Kilimanjaro. Jade, along with her pet cheetah Biscuit, are in charge of the actresses of the group as they prepare to film a silent adventure movie. But mishaps and mayhem occur before the group ever gets started when the producer of the movie is killed by a native.

Determined to push on the Americans head out, meeting one disaster after another as they struggle to reach the summit of the old mountain. It’s up to Jade to find out just who is sabotaging the trip, and to bring as many of the group back alive as she can.

Along the way, Jade deals with the bunch of hysterical city women, as well as the pranksters among the men. Also, there’s the director who is determined to find the legendary site of the treasure as well as a member of the group who is determined that he not find it. But when she is “cursed” by a local village woman, Jade wonders if she has bitten off more than she can chew with this job. But with grace and courage, she manages to pull off more than one rescue before the trip is over.

Suzanne Arruda brings the flavor and flair of the golden era of silent movies and colonial Africa into each scene and chapter. This book is certainly a page-turner. It would be handy knowing some of the back story of this enchanting series, but “Treasure of the Golden Cheetah” also stands alone as one heck of an exciting tale.


Petty Witter said...

She may have the hat but does she have the, all imprtant, whip? Seriously, it's good to see a book with a strong, yet obviously, feminine, lead character - just the type of story my niece is looking for, being fed up of 'all those simpering, weak women who can't do anything without a man's say so'.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

No whip, but she's got a big ol' cheetah that follows her around like a puppy! lol!
The first book is "Mark of the Lion." #2 is Stalking Ivory, #3 The Serpeant's Daughter, #4 The Lion's Prey, and then this is #5.

Suzanne Arruda said...

No whip (maybe later?) but she shoots rifle and bow and arrow and can throw a mean lasso as well as her knife. Does that count? Suzanne Arruda (author)