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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Journey with Farrah - a beautiful story of friendship!

To have a friend who will stand by your side, through thick and thin, is a rare and precious gift that few truly experience. And to witness a friendship such as this is a blessing in itself.

In her book, “My Journey with Farrah: A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship,” Alana Stewart lays out for the world to see her friendship with Farrah Fawcett, and it is indeed beautiful.

Documenting the last three years in which she was Farrah’s constant companion during Farrah’s intense battle with cancer, Stewart draws upon her journal entries and her memories of the bad times and the good. The two had been best friends for over 30 years, finding common ground in their Texas upbringing and through their children and careers. They were as close as sisters, if not closer. So it wasn’t unnatural for Stewart to put her life on hold in order to help Farrah find a way to beat her cancer diagnosis.

As only a close friend could, Stewart shares quite a few little known facts about her friend Farrah, including the superstar’s intense love of family, especially her son Redmond and her longtime companion Ryan O’Neal. But there are the quirky little things, such as Farrah’s fierce sense of humor, her love of southern cooking and her tradition of making pecan and coconut pies at Christmas time that are especially endearing. Stewart also includes many photos of Farrah and her close friends in happier times.

And as these are excerpts from Stewart’s personal journal, there are many entries where Stewart examines her own well being, including a short-lived romance, her anxiety over her children’s welfare, and an upsetting brush with cancer herself. She bravely shares her raw emotions in these pages, and it’s a unique inside view of grief – at losing her best friend and confidant, at not being able to stop her friend’s suffering, and the sadness that shadowed them all right up to the end.

Stewart’s book is a close look at how the two friends sought any and all ways to find a cure for Farrah’s disease. But “My Journey With Farrah” is also a beautiful testament to the powerful love and friendship the two women shared as they searched for a miracle.

A portion of the sales of “My Journey With Farrah” have been earmarked to go to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation for cancer research.


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