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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruby's Diary will make you "hacky!" and inspire you at the same time!

Anyone who has struggled with weight loss knows that it’s a long hard row to hoe. Ruby Gettinger is not only fighting that fight, but in front of millions of TV viewers she shares her triumphs and setbacks on the Style Network show, “Ruby.”

Now, in “Ruby’s Diary: Reflections On All I’ve Lost and Gained,” Ruby shares private thoughts from her personal diary entries as she works toward the goal of losing weight. Filled with her trademark Southern outlook, her classic “Rubyisms” and letters from her closest friends, this book is not only a look into the life of the popular reality star, but also a look into the heart of this gentle woman.

At her heaviest, Ruby weighed more than 700 pounds and was at risk for many medical issues, if not the ultimate risk of dying from her massive weight. Making a commitment to herself, her family and friends, Ruby has worked hard and lost more than 350 pounds so far. She talks about the struggles she faces trying to lose the weight, trying to find an exercise program that she can adapt to, and the need to know why she had gained so much weight. Unable to remember much of her childhood, Ruby also struggles to find the reason for the memory loss and its connection with her current situation.

Honest and laying it all out for the world to see, Ruby is a hero to thousands as they watch her overcome her past and march on towards a healthy and happy future. And her diary chronicles that journey, sharing the good times and the bad. It’s admirable that not only is she doing this for herself, but she is determined to help others fight the obesity fight and come out winners as well.

This is a great book for fans of the show, but also for anyone who is struggling with weight issues. If Ruby can be “hacky” (that’s a “Rubyism” for happy and wacky) in her journey to be healthier and slimmer, than others can find a bit of happiness through her advice as well.

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