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Monday, August 31, 2009

Seduced By His Touch

Grace Danvers is what most would call a handsome woman. But according to society’s standards of the early 1800s, she isn’t really beautiful. Taller than most, red-headed and spectacle-wearing, Grace feels that, at 25, she is destined to remain unmarried. And she is quite all right with that. A talented artist, she is content to garner a small amount of fame with her nature drawings.

Then along comes Lord John Byron, Jack to his friends. When he begins to show an interest in Grace, she is amazed, befuddled, and a bit overjoyed by the handsome Lord’s attentions. And he, in turn, seems to be just as amazed at what a delight Grace has turned out to be. As their courtship continues, and the two get to know each other better and find common interests, it soon seems their match is one made in heaven.

But Lord Jack has a secret. He has actually been coerced by Grace’s father to woo and marry the young lass in exchange for Jack’s gambling debts to be forgiven. But Jack finds that he has fallen for the fiery-haired beauty, and decides to do the right thing by his love when the worst happens and Grace discovers the documents drawn up by her father.

Devastated, Grace decides to continue on and marry Jack, but is determined to gain her independence in the process by separating as soon as possible after the wedding. As the couple proceeds with their cautious relationship, Jack strives to win back Grace’s love. Will the heart triumph over hurt?

Tracy Anne Warren’s latest novel in her “Byrons of Braebourne” series, “Seduced By His Touch,” is a delightful story with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers intrigued. I love how the main character of Grace is not a limp-handed, fainting flower of a woman. She is spunky, opinionated and passionate. And I like that Lord Jack is taken by surprise by this above-average woman and falls head over heels for her. (The only part of the book I wasn’t comfortable with was the storyline of Grace’s friend Terrence. I felt the overt gay reference just wasn’t necessary. He simply wasn’t the man for Grace, and that should have been that.)

I look forward to more stories about the Byron family and their love interests. Readers might want to check out the first book in this series, “Tempted By His Kiss.”

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