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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andrea Kane's Drawn In Blood is an action packed thrill ride!

As a former FBI Special Agent, Sloane Burbank has just about seen it all. But all that was behind her now, and just when she thinks her life is settling down, and she can spend some quality time with her boyfriend, Sloane’s life is turned upside down when her parents are attacked, robbed and threatened.

Her natural instincts tell Sloane that this was no ordinary robbery and that her art-dealer father is not telling her the entire truth. But as Sloane sets out to investigate the circumstances, she find that her father is way in over his head dealing with a group of Asian mobsters that hold a deadly secret her father has never shared with anyone.

Sloane knows she should share her findings with her boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Derek Parker, but her loyalty to her family causes her to hesitate at a time when she should be trusting. Can she protect her parents as well as her relationship?

Derek Parker has a few secrets of his own. Leading the Asian Criminal Enterprise Task Force, he has information on the Red Dragon organization that can break lose the gang’s stranglehold on the art world, but will his actions put Sloane and her family in the line of fire? Choosing between duty and loyalty could prove to be a breaking point.

Andrea Kane’s “Drawn In Blood,” is a mature, action packed and passion filled thrill ride that will delight her fans. A sequel to Kane’s “Twisted,” “Drawn In Blood” resumes the story of the vivacious Sloane and her up and down relationship with Derek. Kane’s attention to detail is remarkable, resulting in a suspenseful story that will guarantee a shiver or two in the reading.


Book Bird Dog said...

My kind of book, a good mystery.

Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds like fun. Nice review. Thanks.