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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Award for Awarding An Award...

Got my own award back today from Reagan over at Miss Remmers' Review (http://reagan-review.blogspot.com/)! Here's what the sweet gal said....

"So Sharon, from Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews, has done it again. No, not in the naughty sense! But in the "Nominated me-for-another-award" sense! And I love her for it! Sharon is such a great person - really! She goes above and beyond all things book related! So upbeat and outgoing - I feel like should nominate her for her own award! And you know what...I just might! Thank you so much Sharon - I feel so loved and important to be one of the first ones to have ever received YOUR first Blogging Award!"

And then she said..."Seriously, like previously mentioned, you think her blog is awesome (and it is)...but the blog is just a fraction of how awesome this woman is. Thank you Sharon!"

This just tickles me pink and gave me the warm fluffies!!!
I think that Reagan's blog is one of the cleveriest ones around, and her mission to provide her students with information on books they might not have heard of is so admirable. Mosey on over there and see what this bright girl is doing for the good of future students!

That's what it is....a mutual admiration society! Thank you Reagan!

Hugs all around, folks!! That's what the book blogger community represents....common interests and lots of affection and love!

I'll be passing on my little rose award soon...watch your comment box..it just might be you next!!