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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cooking Up A Hot Romance - "Can't Stand The Heat" by Louisa Edwards

Miranda Wake is a food critic for a New York magazine, which means her job is to go to new restaurants and critique the food, service, etc. She has developed quite a reputation for being hard to please and quick with a scathing review. Deep down Miranda just wants to write about what she knows, and she knows food. She can’t cook it, but she knows if it tastes good.

Adam Temple is about to open his new restaurant, “Market,” and is hoping for great reviews for his “local only” joint. But when he sees Miranda at the preview night, he knows that she is going to find something wrong, somewhere. When he makes a flip remark to her during a confrontation, offering her a chance to spend some time in his kitchen to get the “real” story, Miranda jumps at the chance – much to Adam’s dismay. Talk about inviting trouble.

As the two dance around their strong personalities, and the surprisingly strong attraction they feel for one another, Miranda and Adam soon find there is more heating up in the kitchen than the food.

In “Can’t Stand The Heat,” author Louisa Edwards has cooked up a sassy and sexy contemporary romance. With the popularity of the Food Network so prevalent these days, this novel has arrived just in time to delight foodies and readers both. The food descriptions alone in this book are enough to set your mouth watering.

Edwards includes some incredible recipes that are mentioned in the story, as well as a sneak peak into her next chapter of the “Recipe For Love” series.

I predict a delicious future for this new writer.

Miranda’s Downfall
( The cocktail that started all the trouble!!)

1 oz rose-petal-infused vodka
3 whole raspberries
Your favorite champagne or sparkling wine

For infused vodka:

2 cups of vodka
2 large red roses

Remove petals from flowers and wash well. Add petals to the vodka and stir around. Let sit, covered, overnight to allow flavors to steep.

Put the berries in the bottom of a champagne flute or saucer, pour in the vodka shot, and top up with your favorite bubbly!

For a drier cocktail, choose brut or rosé; if you want it sweeter, the next level would be a crémant, followed by the sugariest of all, a spumante.

Makes one cocktail.

Recipe from “Can’t Stand The Heat” by Louisa Edwards


Laura Bradford said...

Oooh, sounds great!!!

Janel said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this one! It sounds like a really fun, sexy book.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

It was very good..but very "adult!" Fair Warning! lol!