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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Devotional Saturday - Devotions for Pet Lovers

With all the Hubbub of my Cozy Mystery Week, and then Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I got off track with my Devotional Saturdays! But here is a cute one to get us back in the groove again! (and hope you like the song!)

Paws for Reflection: Devotions for Dog Lovers (by M.K. Wells, Kris Young and Connie Fleishauer; Harvest House Publishers)

People love their pets. Dogs, cats, and other animal companions often provide comfort and friendship to their owners, but can they also help their humans grow closer to their faith?

They sure can, according to the authors of a sweet new devotional, “Paws for Reflection: Devotions for Dog Lovers.”

The authors of the best-selling book, “Four Paws from Heaven,” have gathered more reasons for readers to celebrate dogs and faith. This charming collection of snips and snails and puppy dog tales combines true stories about a variety of dogs with lessons that can be learned from these canines and applied to real-life situations. There are more than 50 funny, poignant, and spiritually uplifting stories, all organized under four different sections:

Paws for Love: Curl Up with the Master

Paws for Training: Sit, Stay, Grow

Paws for Healing: Let God Smooth Out the Tangles

Paws for Guidance: Follow Your Alpha

One of my favorite selections was “Motel Bark,” the story of Mandy the Boston Terrier whose family taught her to use her “inside” voice when she was at a motel, and then later when she was around large crowds. Her owner soon learned that she too needed to remember to use her “motel” bark when dealing with stressful situations, citing the scripture “the meek shall inherit the land and enjoy great peace.” (Psalm 37:11)

This collection of devotions are designed to give readers a variety of stories, scriptures and soul-searching questions that cause reflection on the wonderful treats of love, faithfulness, and companionship. There is a little something for every dog lover out there.

And cat lovers, take heart! “Purr-ables From Heaven: Devotions for Cat Lovers” is available for those of us who prefer the feline world!


Janel said...

This sounds wonderful! I don't know what I'd do without my Golden, Cooper. I've never thought about applying all of those obedience lessons to myself!

Petty Witter said...

What a lovely idea. The church that Hubby attends has an annual service for pets which is lovely but chaotic.

Sean Chang said...

Thank you for such wonderful resources. Pets are really great gifts from Heaven. They bring so much joy to our lives, and always seen to brighten up our days.

mrosewells said...

I'm M.R. (Marion) Wells, co-author of PAWS FOR REFLECTION, PURR-ABLES FRM HEAVEN and our first book, FOUR PAWS FROM HEAVEN. Thanks so much Sharon for your gracious review. I'd like to share that we have a brand new website, www.fourpawsfromheaven.com. Please come visit--we have some fun surprises and a special "extra treat" in celebration of PAWS FOR REFLECTION and the upcoming holidays. God bless...Marion