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Monday, September 7, 2009

Digging Up A Mystery with "A Corpse For Yew!" Day Five of Cozy Mystery Week!

Peggy Lee is owner of the Potting Shed, and also works part time as a forensic botanist for the Charlotte, North Caroline police department. A widow, whose husband had been a detective with the department, Peggy is familiar with the workings of a homicide investigation. She just wishes she’s quit being involved in them so much. See, Peggy has an unfortunate habit of finding dead bodies all over the place.

In “A Corpse for Yew,” Joyce and Jim Lavene’s latest installment of the Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries, Peggy is once again asked to help determine the death of a local social maven, Lois Mullis, who also happens to be aunt to the chief of police! And since she was the once to actually stumble upon poor Lois’ body during a historical society dig, Peggy really can’t say no.

So while juggling running her plant business (which is suffering during an extended drought in North Carolina), dealing with her cantankerous mother, trying to keep her romantic life with Steve alive, Peggy must determine who would want to kill Lois Mullins, using the unusual poison found in the yew plant. Can’t say Peggy isn’t a busy gal!

I really enjoyed this installment of the five book (so far) series. I could relate to Peggy’s cautious dance with her mother - loving her, but not really getting along. Being an avid gardener, I also enjoyed all the plant information and gardening tips that were included amongst the chapters.

It was easy to get to know the characters and their backgrounds involved in this story, even though it is the fifth book. The authors did a great job of providing enough info that readers won’t feel left out of the fun. I fully intended to pick up the four past books in this series and catch up with Peggy’s adventures.

And again, the beautiful cover of the book really caught my eye, and provided many clues as to what the story was going to be about! Great job there!

About the Authors:

Jim and Joyce Lavene, are a husband and wife team who started out writing novels in 1999 and have had more than 40 books published. They also wrote a book about writing (The Everything Guide To Writing A Novel) as well as hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. Somewhere along the way, they decided to write mysteries and since then, they have been hooked on that genre.

They currently write five mystery series and work for a small newspaper in Stanly County, North Carolina. When they aren't promoting their books, coming up with new ideas for books, or taking photos of sweet potatoes that look like guinea pigs and congressmen who look like sweet potatoes, they spend time with their family (3 children, 5 grandchildren) and their cat, Quincy who ‘helps’ them write.
For More information on this busy couple, check out their website at http://www.joyceandjimlavene.com/

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Joanne said...

"Peggy has an unfortunate habit of finding dead bodies all over the place"...don't you just hate that when it happens?!!? You're killing me here, Sharon (pardon the pun), tempting me with too many books to add to my TBR list!

Jennifer said...

I like the idea of a husband and wife team. This book sounds like a fantastic read. Historical dig and a murder, fabulous!

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

My humble apologies, Joanne...not! What would life be without a stack of books that threatens to tumble over!! Wink!

Jennifer, it is a great read!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I love reading "series" mysteries. I can get so caught up in them. But I get worked up when I can't get my hands on them all, and read them in order.

Love seeing so many new (to me) books and authors!

Donna Lea Simpson said...

Hey, Sharon,

Aren't Jim and Joyce wonderful? I look forward to reading this book, and catching up on the rest of their backlist.

Janel said...

Since I don't have much of a green thumb I could really use the tips in this series. I have a friend who is becoming a master gardener. I'm pretty sure she would love these books.

Joyce and Jim Lavene said...

Hi Sharon!

Computer issues prevented us from coming over to see your great site while A Corpse for Yew was up, but we enjoyed your review anyway. Peggy is a great character and we love writing her!

And aren't the Berkley artists awesome?!

Our new book is Ghastly Glass, book 2 in the Ren Faire mysteries. We hope you'll have a chance to get to that book as well.

Thanks again for spotlighting us here!

Joyce and Jim Lavene

Sheila Deeth said...

Oh, this sounds fun. I've recently started reading cozy mysteries - or at least, only recently realized that's what I was reading. This sounds great fun.