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Monday, September 21, 2009

Guest Blog by Teresa R. Jones, Author of "Return To Your First Love."

A Guest Blog by Teresa R. Jones, author of the inspirational book, "Return To Your First Love."

The following is an excerpt from her book.

A Challenging Ride
By Teresa Jones

One particular morning, my day started challenged because I was already late for work. There were people to see, calls to return, and multiple assignments to complete.The obvious challenge was how to finished them all in a shorten day. However, the challenge unbeknownst to me would occur as I boarded the bus that put me at my work place five minutes shy of being an hour late.

As I paid my fare, I noticed a gentleman wearing a navy blue baseball cap and jacket, with gold wire-framed glasses from a couple of decades past. He motioned me to sit next to him by patting the seat adjacent to him. My new challenge was now to make a decision in two seconds because he was sitting directly behind the driver. Should I just ignore him and proceed to one of the many empty seats that were available; where I could sit by myself and read a book as I normally would do. Besides, no one would accuse me of being rude since he was a stranger. Or, I could step out of my comfort zone and take a chance on sitting next to this unfamiliar person.

I reasoned for my final second and decided that not much could possibly happen on the bus in the morning during rush hour, or at least I hoped. Something about him put me at ease, though.

“My name is Robert. What’s your name?” He asked. I told him my name and then he showed me a self-portrait he was sketching of himself on a piece wide ruled notebook paper. It was now obvious to me that Robert had some mental challenges. But that didn’t bother me. Literally speaking, I have been around people with mental challenges all my life.

Robert went on to ask me where I was going, where I lived and where I worked, inquisitive to say the least. Then again, he was just as opened about sharing information as he was about obtaining it. Robert then asked, “What time do you get off work?” I wondered if this was a loaded question. I responded, “Five”. Robert replied, “You are going to be tired! I laughed out of amusement and relief.

As the driver approached Robert’s stop, he gave me the sketch of himself and challenged me by asking, “Where are you going to put it?” I told him that I would put it in my bedroom. I left out the part about how it would be tucked inside a book in my bedroom. I was amused again as I thought about how could I possibly have a picture of another man in my bedroom with a husband anyway.

As Robert exited the bus, he turned back to me and said, “Be careful.” I nodded in agreement.

As I reflected over our conversation, I suddenly realized that Robert had made my day with his simple act of kindness. I’m sure everything is simple for Robert. He’s excited about simple things like going to work, his sketches and meeting new people on the bus. On the contrary, everyone else on the bus was probably hitting the fast-forward button in his or her mind to 5:00pm; never noticing for a moment that they were in good company. I’m sure Robert was the happiest person on the bus that day. It makes one wonder . . . “Who’s really mentally challenged?"

About The Author:
Teresa Jones is a writer for the Neighborhood Writing Alliance (NWA), which publishes the award-winning Journal of Ordinary Thought (JOT). Teresa is a member of Toastmasters International and the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE). Teresa is faithful member of the Apostolic Faith Church, where she serves as a prayer counselor for the Prayer Line Ministry. She and her husband, Alexander, have been married for 16 years and have two children. You can visit Teresa R. Jones website at http://www.teresarjones.com/. You can contact Teresa at teresa.jones@revelation2-4.com.

About The Book:

"Return to Your First Love" is not the typical self-help/relationships book filled with anecdotes and quotes from experts. Readers are invited to sit in the front row to experience actual events that dig deep and expose carnality and misconstrued ideas about Christianity, which will in turn guide them to a path of true intimacy with God.

Author Teresa Jones walks readers through decades of her life, and share valuable lessons that have been both beneficial as well as costly. Her life experiences will speak to anyone no matter the stage of life. "Return to Your First Love" is a timely message that edifies, exhorts and encourages in times of uncertainty. Readers will be compelled and encouraged to seek a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book Promotion for providing this guest blog!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

This sounds very comforting, Sharon. Especially since the entire country is experiencing a 'time of uncertainty' with the economy the way it is. Thanks for the tip!

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Petty Witter said...

Please excuse me for being off topic but I wanted to thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog yesterday - it's amazing to think that people took the time and trouble in what, I'm sure, must be busy lives. Thanks again, it really did mean a lot to us.

Dorothy Thompson said...

Thank you for being a wonderful tour host, Sharon!