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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On The Bluffs by Steven Schindler - A "Mature" romance

Brian DeLouise is at a point in his middle-aged life where something’s got to change. His wife is cheating on him and he has just lost his job as a producer for a controversial talk-radio show. His only joy is his fantasy baseball leagues.

After a life-altering encounter with a would-be mugger, Brian finds himself yearning for the past, a time when he was truly happy. His fondest memory is the summer he worked in a theatre on Cape Cod, where he met the first love of his life, Portia Smart.

Brian gives in to his daydreams and decides to do an internet search for Portia, discovering that the Smart family still owned the old mansion where Brian roomed that long-ago summer. Have nothing to lose, Brian packs up his car and heads to the Cape where he will discover whether life has waited for him to return, or passed him by.

Portia has taken over running the family theatre, and cares for her elderly mother and two ancient boarders, as well as her teenaged daughter in the crumbling old mansion on the bluffs overlooking the Cape. Life has been tough for the Smart family, but they preserve. When Brian shows up, searching for Portia, she is alarmed at first, but then realizes that fate has brought him back into her life at a time when she needs a strong shoulder to lean on., But will the many family secrets Portia harbors be too much for this fledgling re-connection to work?

With “On The Bluffs,” author Steven Schindler delivers an engaging novel that will appeal to mature readers. He captures the longings of middle age with heart-wrenching clarity, answering the questions of “what if?” in emotional and realistic terms. His characters are interesting and engaging, and the storyline is fast paced enough to hold interest without racing through the details that make the novel a pleasure to read.

Review copy from Bostick Communications. Book available at Barnes and Noble.com

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Sheila Deeth said...

This does sound good. Funny how we start looking out for books with more mature protagonists.