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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Thread of Truth by Marie Bostwick

The art of quilting has drawn women together for centuries. There is something about the companionship and creativity of putting together a quilt - that will not only keep someone warm, but is beautiful as well – that sews together friendships.

In “A Thread of Truth,” Marie Bostwick’s latest book in her Cobbled Court Quilt series, a group of the unlikeliest women band together in their love of quilting and their respect and friendship for each other. Evelyn Dixon’s quilt shop in New Bern, Connecticut is doing a steady business, with the help of her friends, Margot, Abigail and Abigail’s niece Liza. Recovering from breast cancer, Evelyn is anxious to sponsor yet another Quilt Pink event to help raise money for research. When her friend, Mary Dell, offers to spotlight Evelyn’s shop on her popular quilting show, the simple project turns into a carnival-like atmosphere that threatens to have the town’s quilt fanatics rioting.

Meanwhile, Evelyn has hired quiet Ivy Peterman to help with the online orders the shop has begun taking. While Ivy does her job well, there is something mysterious about her past that she doesn’t want the others at Cobbled Court Quilts to know about. As far as the ladies know, Ivy and her two children are living at New Bern’s shelter for women because she is a widow, whose deceased husband had been abusive to her. After Ivy accidentally appears in a promo shot for Mary Dell’s show, the “deceased” husband suddenly appears and threatens to take Ivy’s children away from her. Only by sharing the truth of her horrific past can Ivy enlist the help of the quilters to save her children and herself from a life of further abuse.

“A Thread of Truth” is an intriguing novel that deals with the topic of domestic abuse in a very real and timely manner. Yet Bostwick also draws her readers into the story and wraps them up in the warm tale of women’s friendships and how important having the support of those who love you can be.

This book is just a joy to read and a joy to hold. The deeply embossed cover and the thick printed pages give the reader a sensory pleasure as well as a reading one. The first book of this series, “A Single Thread,” is still available and the third novel is due to come out in the summer of 2010.


Sheila (bookjourney) said...

I have always enjoyed books on women friendships. This sounds like another good one Sharon!

Peggy Gaffney said...

I love this series. It connects so well with those who live nearby and understand towns like the fictional New Bern and the people who inhabit it. Marie is a fantastic writer and a very funny speaker as well. She is very much at home in her local quilt shop.