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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Between Me and The River by Carrie Host - a poignant memoir about one woman's battle with cancer

Carrie Host had life by the tail! At the age of forty, she had a loving husband, a beautiful family and a newborn baby. But life has an evil habit of turning happiness upside down, and for Carrie it came with a diagnosis of a rare form of cancer known as carcinoid. Life as she knew it changed forever that day.

In her memoir, “Between Me and The River,” Host documents the journey she and her family embark on as they search answers to the many, many questions that follow a devastating diagnosis such as hers.

From the first doctor who “accidentally” found her tumors during an appendectomy, to her treks back and forth from Boulder, Colorado to the Mayo Clinic, Host writes in detail about the triumphs and frustrations she felt along the way. She compares her emotions as similar to being thrown in a raging river, with no life preserver or help in sight, and learning that she either had to control the river or let it take her down into its depths. Host chose to fight!

“Between Me and The River” is one of the most poignant books I’ve run across that deals with the facts about having cancer. Host doesn’t sugar-coat the days and weeks of pure agony she experienced during her treatments and the frustration she dealt with almost daily, but she also includes the moments of joy and laughter that envelope her life through her family, her children, her friends, and the medical staff who were in the battle with her.

At the end of each chapter, Host includes a short paragraph about how others facing the unknown due to a diagnosis of cancer can brave the waters of their own journey. One passage that touched me said –

“…one moment you are spiraling down, sure that you are utterly alone, and then circumstances reveal that you are not. This is when hope comes in and puts its arm around you.”

It takes a brave woman to lay out her life for the world to read, and Carrie Host is one of the heroes who has taken the challenge to bring light to the daily struggles millions face due to cancer.

For more information on Carrie Host, her foundation Caring for Carcinoid, and her book, check out her website at http://www.carriehost.com/

Thank you to Shara Alexander at Harlequin Books and Lisa Roe at Online Publicists for providing the review copy of "Between Me and The River"


Sheila Deeth said...

I love the image of hope putting its arms around you. Sounds a really good book.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

It was very moving!

....Petty Witter said...

I saw this on a friends bedside table, a friend who is in hospital having treatment for cancer - she was given it as a present and found the whole thing to be both moving and inspiring, perhaps I'll borrow it one day.

Carrie Host said...


Thank you for this review. To all of you that have it in your stack on your nightstand, I hope my book will be a great read and deliver some unexpected gifts to your soul.

Carrie Host/Author