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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Jesse's Girl" by Gary Morgenstein - a rollercoaster ride of a novel!

What parent hasn’t gotten the dreaded middle-of-the-night phone call about one of their children? Cold chills go up and down my spine anytime this occurs at my home, and with four sons, it occurred more than I liked.

But my husband and I always told our kids that they could call us anytime, for anything and we would come get them – we may not like it, we may be mad, but we would be there for them.

So when I got Gary Morgenstein’s new book, “Jesse’s Girl,” and read the first two paragraphs, I knew this would be a novel that I could relate to.

Morgenstein’s story opens as a jarring phone wakes Teddy Mentor well after midnight. It's the Montana Wilderness program saying that his 16-year-old adopted son Jesse has run away. Only two weeks ago, Jesse had been taken to the program by escorts to deal with substance abuse problems.

Jeopardizing his already precarious job in New York, Teddy rushes across the country to find Jesse, who is off on his own quest: to find Theresa, the birth sister he's never known. When Teddy finally discovers Jesse at a bus stop in Illinois, he is torn between sending Jesse back to Montana or joining his son on a journey to find this girl in Kentucky.

But he decides to go and the adventures that father and son run into on their journey are enough to make even the staunchest reader shudder with anxiety for the characters.

Gary Morgenstein has crafted a gritty, fast-paced novel that will entice, shock and entertain readers as they climb aboard the roller-coaster ride that is “Jesse’s Girl.” Although I personally found some of the language to be pretty raw, the usage lent an air of realism to the story. (And as the mother of boys, I’ve heard it all anyway!)

About the Author:

In addition to “Jesse’s Girl,” author Gary Morgenstein’s most recent novels, both available exclusively on Amazon.com, are the political baseball thriller “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and the romantic triangle “Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman.”

His chillingly prophetic play “Ponzi Man” played to sell-out crowds at a recent New York Fringe Festival.

A PR consultant for Syfy Channel, Morgenstein lives in Brooklyn, New York, with lots of books and rock and roll CDs. You can visit him at http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Morgenstein/1011217889k.com/people/Gary-Morgenstein/1011217889.

Thank you to Dorothy Thompsom at Pump Up Your Book Promotion for allowing me to host this stop on the “Jesse’s Girl” book blog tour, and also to Gary Morgenstein for the review copy of “Jesse’s Girl.”


....Petty Witter said...

Good to see you must be feeling a little better. Thanks for this review - as you say we all live in dread of that late/middle of the night call that informs us that one of our nearest and dearest is in trouble.

Neas Nuttiness said...

The language was just too "raw" for me. Even though I raised 10 kids (5 of who where boys) this kind of language was not used within my range of hearing. I had to close the book around page 50:-(