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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Care and Taming Of A Rogue by Suzanne Enoch

After fighting his way back from the brink of death in Africa, explorer Captain Bennett Wolfe is back, and alive, much to London Society's surprise. Having been presumed dead, this rugged adventurer is now not only having to save his good name, but he is also being much sought after by every marriage-minded young woman. But Bennett only has eyes for the intriguing Lady Phillipa Eddison.

Phillipa, or Flip as her family and friends call her, would rather read than flirt, but she does know a thing or two about proper courtship rituals. A gentleman does not kiss a lady senseless, and he certainly does not bring his pet monkey when he comes calling. Flip doesn’t recall ever having been so scandalized or tempted by man she had only read and dreamed of, and now here he was, in real life, and interested in her!

In Suzanne Enoch’s latest novel, “The Care And Taming Of A Rouge,” she delights her readers with a lively tale of an unusual courtship between two unique individuals in Regency London. The intellectual exchanges between the main characters as well as the lovely and steamy romantic encounters makes this a very enjoyable novel indeed.

About the Author
A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne Enoch loves movies almost as much as she loves books. She once appeared on an E! special, Star Wars Is Back, as an expert on the romance in the Star Wars movies.

Check out her website at http://www.suzanneenoch.com/


....Petty Witter said...

Not a fan of romance books myself but I loved the cover on this book - she looks so feminine whilst at the same time not too soppy if you know what I mean.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

She is one of the fiesties heroines I've run across in a long time. She is educated and smart and not just looking for a roll in the hay!