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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Devotionals combine love of tea and candles to provide comfort

I am a big Tea fan…love to drink it hot or cold, iced or un-iced, and in any flavor imaginable. My current fav is Island Mango Peach from Liptons, but I’ll try just about any kind.

I find that the whole ritual of making the tea, setting out my favorite cup and spoon, getting it sugared just right, and sitting down to enjoy it is very soothing. I slow down, reflect a bit as the tea brews, and generally just relax.

The same thing with candles. I adore candles, and have many scattered throughout my home. Their scents and lights provide a warm, calming atmosphere any time I need a little down-time. They provide a sense of peace with their flickering lights.

So when I found these two delightful devotionals that are tea and candle-related, I knew I would have to share them.

“Tea Light Moments To Refresh Your Day” By Hope Lyda

In her latest devotional book, author Hope Lyda invites women to light a candle, take a deep breath, and inspire the start of their day with a time of meditation. Each devotional offers a few moments of reflection and inspiration and includes meditations to explore wonder, contentment, purpose, and faith.

There are also Scriptures and quotes from literature to inspire and refresh, as well as simple prayers and intimate conversations with God. I especially enjoyed the little “afterglow” encouragements at the end of each section, designed to take what you’ve learned in that day’s devotion into your everyday life.

“Tea Light Moments to Fresh Your Day” is perfectly sized to take along anywhere and to revisit anytime. Words of comfort, understanding, encouragement, and even humor can turn a regular day into an inspired day.

The Tea Lover’s Devotional
By Emilie Barnes

I’ve been a big fan of Emilie Barnes’ books for years, and was thrilled to see she had written a devotional based on her love of tea.

Like a great cup of tea, bestselling author Emilie Barnes’ devotions in “The Tea Lover’s Devotional” infuse a woman’s day with comfort, delight, and inspiration. This selection of devotions from Emilie’s “Minute Meditations” is accented by sidebars overflowing with delicious recipes, fascinating facts about tea and manners, and ways to savor tea.

Emilie’s writings lead readers to draw closer to God’s heart, to celebrate the simple joys of daily living, to spend time honoring friendships and discover how their unique gifts are meant to be shared, and how to express hospitality to family, friends and to others.

Tea lovers and women looking for spiritual refreshment will be drawn to all this collection offers. The beautiful padded hardcover complete with a satin ribbon bookmark is just lovely, and is sure to become a favorite hostess gift or present for any occasion celebrating friends, mothers, sisters, and mentors.

Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for the review copies of these two delightful books.

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....Petty Witter said...

Not so much a tea drinker, very un-english of me I know, I also love candles. Funny that they are so popular, my mam and the in-laws just don't get why any one would want to burn them - to hear thm talk you'd think they'd grown-up in a time before electricity and had had to burn candles. Anyway, thanks for mentioning those two books, they sound rather inspirational.