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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Violet Collar by Samuel Solomon

As a book reviewer who has been at this for some 14 years now, I have seen and read just about every type of book you can imagine. Fiction, non-fiction, good ones, bad ones, mediocre ones. I am proud to say that I have given all the books I’ve reviewed my complete and honest consideration and opinion.

But every once in a while, amongst all the books I’m asked to consider for review, there comes a gem of a book that might have passed unnoticed if not for a happy twist of fate.

“The Violet Collar” by Samuel Solomon is one of those books.

Sam is not what most would call a ordinary author. A realtor by profession, Sam is pretty well known as a prolific blogger on a social network, where he has a huge following. Most of his blogs deal with everyday life, his thoughts on romance in society today, and other things that whirl about in his mind. But the blogs that have proven to be most popular were his stories. Sam can spin a tale like nobody’s business and from this writing experience has come a novel that combines a thrilling search for happiness and that rare form of exquisite love – “The Violet Collar.”

“The Violet Collar” is the story of Jessie Roslin. A pretty young Swedish immigrant, orphaned at an early age, Jessie has learned to survive the dangerous streets of 1899 New York. Relying on her keen wits, Jessie has managed to take care of herself, working as a dance hall girl, until one night when her life turns upside down. In just a matter of hours, Jessie encounters an unusual man, is forced to flee from a gang she thought she could avoid, and leave her life as she knew it behind forever. A new city awaits, but her dream of escaping her old life is threatened by new dangers. Does she dare to take a chance on a new future?

Rich and handsome, yet extremely lonely, Dominic Kingston is also trying to change his life to pursue his dreams when he meets Jessie. Drawn to the fragile but tough city girl, Dominic finds he wants to protect her, even as he feels his own dreams slipping through his fingers. As he struggles to show Jessie his love, his own circumstances threaten to cost his own future. Still he offers Jessie his heart, realizing that she might never be able to fully trust and offer her love in return.

With his debut novel, “The Violet Collar,” Samuel Solomon has crafted an elegant and eloquent tale of love found, love lost and love redeemed. Within its pages, readers will find all the classic elements of a passionate love story, the excitement of a fast-paced thriller and the delicate undertones of a spiritual search for faith. This is a highly enjoyable read.

“The Violet Collar” is currently available on Sam’s website, http://www.coqueto.net/. There you can find excerpts from the book, giving you a taste of Sam’s writing style, plus a little of his background.

If you enjoy finding new authors and giving them a boost in their careers, give Sam Solomon a try. You can be like me and be able to say “hey, I knew him when!”

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Great review Sharon! I appreciate the unknown author or book. It is a real treasure when you find that one that really is a hit for you.

I get excited about books I have read years ago and now see them become movies. One is Shutter Island by Dennis Lehayne. Loved that book and it was not a best seller four years ago when I read it. Now -soon to be a movie! You just never know!