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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas and Murder in the Middle Ages - Murder for Christ's Mass by Maureen Ash

The holidays have a way of taking over one's life...yep, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it! lol! But during all the hubbub of the preparations of the upcoming festitivies, I have kept up with my Christmas Reading! So today, I'll post four of the books I've read to bring us up to date! Just a few more days until the big day!!!

Ever wonder how people celebrated Christmas long ago? The holiday season was once revered as a high holy day, a day to be marked with extreme reverence and piety – a far cry from our present day hoopla full of presents, lights, and Santa Claus.

In the book selection for today, I found an interesting look at Christmas during the Middle Ages.

Mysteries are found in many different settings these days, and one of the most unusual that I have run across is the “Templar Knight” mysteries by Maureen Ash. Her latest book, “Murder for Christ’s Mass” is the fourth in this series, and is set during the holiday celebrations of the Early England.

The town of Lincoln is covered in snow on the days of religious celebrations. But the holy days are not observed by everyone in the town, as the mortal remains of a clerk who worked in the local mint are found in the town’s quarry. The only clue to the poor man’s death is a pristine coin stamped with the visage of King Stephen, a coin of great worth!

Templar Knight Bascot de Marins is still in residence at Lincoln Castle where he had been recuperating from an eight-year-captivity in the Holy Land, which resulted in the loss of an eye, a leg that limps and a loss of faith. He had been sent by his order to Lincoln Castle to recover his health both physical and mental and hopefully return to the Templars with his faith restored. Grateful for the hospitality of his hosts, Lady Nicolaa de la Haye, the castellan, and her husband, Sheriff Gerard Camville, de Marins is at their service.

Regarded for his bravery and his skill in solving several previous murders, de Marins is once again called upon by the Sheriff to help investigate this latest murder. But de Marins soon discovers that the motive goes beyond money—and beyond mere murder.

Full of rich descriptions of the Middles Ages in which this story is set, Ash has created a masterful story full of intrigue and as well as historical significance, a rare feat in itself!

If you are looking for a mystery with a different flair, give the “Templar Knight” series a try.


Janel said...

This sounds fascinating. I love learning about Christmas traditions in other times and other cultures.

Barb said...

Celebrations of holy days during the ages is always of interest to me but then we add in the mystery surrounding a death, then we really have an interesting book. Sounds like a book and series that I should check out

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