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Friday, December 11, 2009

Three Wise Cats: A Christmas Story

Keeping with the Christmas “kitty” theme today, here is a delightful story of three wise kitties and their adventures to find a bright and shining star!

I dedicate today’s review to my beloved cousin Lisa Wyatt, who is a champion for kitties everywhere, and who works tirelessly to make life a little better for the wild and abandoned cats along the beaches in Northern California. In my eyes, you are a hero, Lisa!

Three Wise Cats: A Christmas Story
By Harold M. Konstantelos and Terri Jenkins-Brady
Berkley Books; $18.95

Similar to the story of the Three Kings, “Three Wise Cats” is a charming tale of three brave kitties as they set out on a great quest that will change their lives (and the lives of those around them) forever.

The old Siamese Ptolemy was alongside his master when a star of unusual brightness was seen in the heavens, indicating an event of momentous significance, and leading to a great quest. Ptolemy must watch over his frail master, so he sends three young cats to journey in his place and fulfill the prophecy: The three shall find the one.

The three are Abishag, a sturdy reliable cat who has never shirked her duty; Kezia, a beautiful young tabby, delicate, a bit vain, but of good heart; and Ira, taller and stronger than the others, with a temper. Accompanying them is a fourth traveler- the rat Asmodeus, who can hear of no glorious thing without wanting to spoil it.

Together, the unlikely band will cover many miles, and have many dangerous adventures. And finally they will come to a far land, where the star bends close to the earth over a humble stable.

This book is one of the most delightful finds of my Christmas book search this year. Cat lovers, as well as any animal lovers will be charmed by this tale, and it is a sweet story that would be perfect to read aloud to the family this season as well as it parallels the beautiful story of the Three Kings search for the Messiah.

Many thanks to Caitlin Lyski at Berkley Publishing Group for the review copy of this charming book!

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Janel said...

What a fun twist on the Three Kings story! It would be interesting to see from a kitty's point of view.

Jennifer said...

This looks like a delightful read that my family (all cat lovers) would enjoy.

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Ingrid King said...

I just finished this - it's a lovely story sure to delight cat lovers. The different purrsonalities of the three cats are precious!

michele mellott said...

I hope i like it! I am going to tell it to our six dogs! I think it would make them become more accepting of other species.