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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kayla's Daddy by Laura Bradford - A sweet, sexy love story!

Birth Announcement! It's a ....New Book!

My sweet friend, author Laura Bradford, has a brand new romance out for 2010, and it is sweet, sexy and sincere, just like the author!

One letter, mailed 40 years ago and lost behind an old desk, has the power to change the lives of four and a half people. Four and a half? Well, one is a cute little baby girl

In Laura Bradford’s charming new romance, “Kayla’s Daddy,” (Harlequin Books; $4.99, Jan. 09)love lost, love renewed and love in bloom are all addressed as a long-lost letter brings excitement and romance to town.

It all started when struggling artist and single mother Phoebe Jennings received a letter, postmarked forty years earlier, addressed to her house, but belonging to the family who used to live there. So, being the nice girl that she is, Phoebe loads up her precious little daughter, Kayla, and they make the trek across to the upscale side of town to deliver the letter to the mysterious Mr. Tate Williams. But she nearly faints when she is met at the mansion door by a tall, handsome young man who takes her breath away! Obviously the old letter was not for him, but for his father.

Tate Williams thought a couple of angels had come to his doorstep when he discovered Phoebe and Kayla there. But he’s not too happy when he learns of their errand to deliver a letter mean for his estranged father. But he is wiling to put with that slight irritation in order to get to know the beautiful young mother and her enchanting daughter better. But he’s got his work cut out for him in wooing Phoebe, a task Tate’s more than willing to undertake.

As the young couple learn more about each other, they discover their pasts have connections that neither one of them realized would be so strong, or so important. Phoebe has to get over her lack of self-worth around Tate, and Tate must overcome years of prejudice and misunderstanding in order their love to blossom and grow.

Meanwhile, the recipient of the long lost letter, Tate’s father Bart, discovers that a love he thought he had lost a long time ago might still have a chance to grow again. As he works to overcome his past mistakes, Bart learns that even at his age, there just might be another chance at romance and companionship.

Laura Bradford has crafted a sweet tale with a dash of mystery, and a whole lot of sexy romance to give it just the right amount of sizzle to keep it lively. Her characters are endearing, and her storytelling is fast-paced and full of energy. “Kayla’s Daddy” is a true delight to read.


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Nina said...

The book sounds and looks sweet. :)