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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Warm up with these winter cozy mysteries!

So far, this has been one of the coldest winters in Texas that I can remember. A blizzard on Christmas Eve, temperatures in the teens now…brrr!!! Luckily, I’ve got my books, my fireplace, and a good stock of hot cocoa to keep me toasty warm until Old Man Winter decides to take a hike!

Here are a few of the recent cozy mysteries I’ve read lately.
Stay warm, my bloggy friends!

DEAD AIR: A Talk Radio Mystery
By Mary Kennedy
Obsidian Mystery; $6.99

In a brand new series, author Mary Kennedy explores the scenes behind a popular radio talk show with her book, “DEAD AIR: A Talk Radio Mystery.”


Maggie Walsh left her practice as a psychologist in Manhattan to move to sunny Cypress Grove, Florida, where she became host of WYME's "On the Couch with Maggie Walsh." From co-dependent wives to fetish fiends, all the local crazies love her show. Then threats start pouring in against one of the station's special guests-self-styled new age prophet Guru Sanjay Gingii. When one of the threats becomes a deadly reality, Maggie's new roommate, Lark, is surprisingly the prime suspect. Now, Maggie has to prove Lark innocent while dealing with a killer who needs more than just a little therapy.

My Thoughts -

Think “Frasier” or “Dr. Phil” with a feminine twist. With the popularity of radio talk shows these days, Mary Kennedy’s new series looks to be promising!

EGGSECUTIVE ORDERS: A White House Chef Mystery
By Julie Hyzy
Berkley Prime Crime; $7.99

Realizing that we have just got finished with Christmas and New Years, are you ready for Easter? Author Julie Hyzy is already decorating Easter eggs with her new book, “EGGSECUTIVE ORDERS: A White House Chef Mystery.”


When NSA big shot Carl Minkus dies right after eating the dinner Chef Olivia Paras's staff had prepared, all forks point to them. Now the Secret Service is picking apart the kitchen-and scrutinizing the staff's every move. The timing couldn't be worse with the White House Lawn Easter Egg Roll to prep for without access to a kitchen. Olivia must find the real culprit-before she cracks under pressure.

My Thoughts:
This is a cute little mystery that is timely, considering all the publicity lately regarding the new White House Chef and her recent appearance on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef” series. The third in Hyzy’s series, “EGGSECUTIVE ORDERS” will help speed springtime along, hopefully, with it’s inclusion of several delicious “presidential” recipes.

WHO KILLED THE PINUP QUEEN: A Where Are They Now? Mystery
By Toni L.P. Kelner
Berkley Prime Crime; $6.99

I’ve been a freelance entertainment reporter for nearly fourteen years, so when I received Toni L.P. Kelner’s “WHO KILLED THE PINUP QUEEN: A Where Are They Now? Mystery,” that features freelance reporter Tilda Harper, I couldn’t pass it up!

Known for her “Where Are They Now?” articles, Tilda Harper is working on two articles simultaneously-one about Sandra Schrest, a former pinup model, and one about Tucker and Hoyt Ambrose, stars of “Cowtown,” an old Western show. But when she discovers the pinup queen brutally murdered, she finds that the two stories may have some disturbing connections.

My Thoughts:
I loved Kelner’s feisty Tilda, and the funny cowboy sayings she sprinkled throughout the chapters. It was also interesting to note that the character of Sandra Schrest was created for an actual person who donated money to charity to have a character named for her. Very cool.

TRAGEDY AT TWO: A Lois Meade Mystery
By Ann Purser
Berkley Prime Crime; $23.95


In “TRAGEDY AT TWO,” working mom/cleaner/amateur sleuth Lois Meade is having family woes. Her daughter Josie was admittedly considering leaving her partner, Rob, but she never expected him to be found badly beaten and left for dead in a ditch by the side of the road. When Rob tragically dies from his injuries without regaining consciousness, Inspector Hunter Cowgill has a murder investigation on his hands, and once again he engages the assistance of the woman he respects above all others - Lois.

Suspicion quickly falls on the traveling gypsies who are camped out on Alf Smith's property. There is strong prejudice among many in the village who consider the gypsies no better than tramps and thieves. Lois must follow a twisted path that leads to arson, local delinquents, secret assignations, and blackmail-before she can discover who's been tinkering with the truth.

My Thoughts:

“TRAGEDY AT TWO” is the ninth book in the “Lois Meade Mysteries,” which started with the days of the week (MURDER ON MONDAY, MURDER ON TUESDAY, etc.) and now continues with numbers (WARNING AT ONE, TRAGEDY AT TWO.) Very clever and very very British!


Lesa said...

Sharon -

Thanks for the summaries. I have to get a hold of Eggsecutive Orders. And, I appreciate summaries of some of the cozies since they don't get much publicity. Thanks!

Lesa - http://www.lesasbookcritiques.blogspot.com

Janel said...

The Where Are They Now and talk radio series sound fun. I've never heard of either, but I think I would definitely enjoy them.

Stay warm!

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

These were some great books! Thanks for stopping by!

- Sharon