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Friday, January 8, 2010

What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is well-known for her quirky romantic comedy novels, and she continues this tradition with her latest book, “What I Did For Love.”

Georgie York was once the darling of television, starring in one of American’s favorite programs, “Skip and Scooter.” But recently she has been a bit down on her luck. Her husband has left her for a younger model, her film career is tanking, and her pushy stage-father is driving her nuts. So instead of thinking “What Would Scooter Do?,” Georgia does what any self-effacing young actress these days would do – go to Vegas, get ripping drunk and marry your former co-star. No?

Bramwell Shepard spent years of his life playing co-star to Georgie’s spunky character, and years trying to rid himself of the sweet image of “Skip.” So when he find Georgie floundering, instead of walking away, he gives her a helping hand. But not without a price. Would it be worth it to Georgie to play the ultimate role of her lifetime – as Bram Shepard’s adoring wife in order for them both to achieve their goals in life? And, most importantly, could she and Bram pull the charade off without killing each other first?

Phillips delivers a roller-coaster ride of a romance, filled with laugh-out loud moments and an almost brutal look at Hollywood today. But there are moments of intense tenderness that take the reader’s breath away. Phillips has the inherent ability to capture her reader’s imagination and pull them into her story, eavesdropping on the fascinating characters like a fly on the wall.

“What I Did For Love,” is a grand addition to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ lineup of novels. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Check out this clever video that Susan Elizabeth Phillips put up in support of her new book! Very Cute!


Monica said...

Looks like a good read.

Tish said...

I have been looking for a romance to read. Sounds like a good one!
p.s. love your background