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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Arranged Love - At The Duke's Pleasure by Tracy Anne Warren

An arranged marriage is the topic of today’s romance. Still practiced in some parts of the world, arranged marriages are not as common in the modern world as they once were.

In Tracy Anne Warren’s latest installment of her “Byrons of Braebourne” series, “At The Duke’s Pleasure,” an arranged marriage might be the downfall of the oldest of the Bryon siblings.

Edward, Duke of Clybourne, met his fiancée when he was eleven years old. His father arranged for his son’s betrothal to insure that his heir would have the kind of wife suitable to his position. And wanting to please his father, Edward knew it was in his best interest. But when he was introduced to a squalling, red-faced baby girl named Claire, Edward knew this was going to be a long, long, long engagement.

Fast forward twenty-one years, and the time has come for the Duke to take a wife. Society and his position demands that he marry, so Edward decides to fulfilll his obligation and marry his intended, Lady Claire Marsden. Only one problem – Claire is not having any of it – none at all!

Claire has known that she was destined to become a duchess since she was old enough to understand. But having only met her fiancé twice before in her life, once as a child and once again when she was a teen, Claire is leary of Edward’s claim on her as his bride. Although she has loved him from afar since she was 16, Claire refuses to enter into a marriage without equal love.

Forced to spend the Season at his home, Claire soon begins a wild game of resistance guaranteed to drive Edward mad, or make him fall in love with the impetious girl. But it would take more than games to draw these two stubborn souls together.

“At The Duke’s Pleasure” is the third book in the “Byrons of Braebourne” series, which features tales of love and adventure during the Regency era of England. Tracy Anne Warren does a masterful job of bringing previous characters and situations together with the current story, bringing her fans up to date, and leaving them wanting more. With the added intrigue surrounding the main character’s secret life as a spy just gives the story an extra dash of mysterious adventure.

This is an enjoyable series, and I look forward to the next tale of the Byron siblings.

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I received this review copy from the publisher, and was under no obligation for a favorable review.


Janel said...

I am currently reading a book with an arranged marriage. Last month I watched a TV show on India and it talked about the arranged marriages in current culture.

....Petty Witter said...

Niece #1 was reading this and it led to a great discussion on arranged marriages. Apologies to all 'romance' novel fans out there but I'm still not convinced about this genre and hated the cover of this book - why do they always pick such soppy pictures?

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

Aw, Tracy...those are the brilliant "Bodice Ripper" pictures!! Designed to be lusty and fun! You want to put all those models out of business? (just teasing!)

But you're entitled to your opinon, my dear!

Romance novels aren't for everyone, but I feel like they get a bum's rush sometimes. Most of them are well written, and the authors have done a lot of research on the era they are set in to make them historically accurate!

Mary said...

I think this sounds interesting. I've recently become a fan of historical romances. I really like them!

Re: Rom. novels - no they're not for everyone but there are some really good ones out there (and some of them have "soppy" covers). In fact, I think most of them are pretty darn good! I've learned not to judge them by their covers, lol.