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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Couple of Mystery Guaranteed To Delight!

I love a good mystery, don't you?

Here are two goodies that I'm sure you'll enjoy! Both authors are fantastic storytellers as well as incredibly nice ladies! Cozy Mystery lovers as well as "foodie" mystery fans are in for a real treat!

Life is always busy around The Cookie Jar in Lake Eden, and with early summer coming on its all owner Hannah Swensen and her partner, Lisa, can do to keep up with all the orders. So when the mayor’s wife sashays in asking for them to donate over one thousand cookies for a charity luncheon, Hannah just about fainted. And when Lisa finds out the theme will be “Turn Over A New Leaf,” she volunteered for the shop to bake apple turnovers, a pastry Hannah had no recipe for, for the entire three day event – well, things were about to get more interesting around the ol’ kitchen!

In “Apple Turnover Murder,” author Joanne Fluke’s 13th book in the “Hannah Swensen Mystery” series, cookie maker extraordinaire and amateur sleuth Hannah Swensen is busy juggling her duties at the bakery, her family’s problems, her love life, and her sense of civic duty. But the balls are all about to come crashing down when an old acquaintance shows up in town and threatens to stir up trouble with a capital T.

The Apple Turnover crisis is solved when Lisa’s mother-in-law volunteers her family recipe and soon an assembly line of the delicious pastry is in the works and everyone is busy churning out turnovers. With that problem solved, Hannah agrees to help Lisa’s husband Herb out as his magician’s assistant at the charity talent show.

But when Hannah discovers Dr. Bradley Ramsey dead backstage during the intermission, with one of her shop’s apple turnovers in his hand, she knows she’s got to drop everything to find out who killed the lecherous professor before news of her former romantic ties, as well as her sister Michelle’s, are connected to the victim, and their reputations are ruined. And she soon finds that the good Doctor had left quite a trail of broken and angry hearts along the way – and lots of good reasons for him to be bumped off.

As with her previous books, Fluke catches her readers up on Hannah’s life as well as the lives of her family and friends. Hannah’s mother Delores is suddenly the “sought-after” woman in town, her sister Andrea is fretting about a possibly move, and there is the always interesting question of which man will Hannah finally settle down with – policeman Mike or dentist Norman? Fluke populates her stories with characters that are warm and down-to-earth – just the kind of folks you’d invite over for coffee and cookies. And speaking of cookies – there are nearly a dozen new, scrumptious cookie recipes at the end of each chapter – Yummy!

Joanne Fluke dishes up another delicious serving of intrigue, with a side of romance and a heaping spoonful of fun in “Apple Turnover Murder.” Cozy mystery readers and “foodies” alike will enjoy this well-crafted tale.

I’ve always been a curvy-kind of girl, and proud of it! God blessed this Irish gal with curves, and I learned long ago to accept them for better or worse!

So I was delighted to learn about Sue Ann Jaffarian’s mystery series which featured a big, beautiful amateur sleuth, Odelia Grey!

Odelia is a paralegal from California and seems to have a knack for stumbling into murder after murder. Confident, sassy and smart, Odelia is a charming lady that readers are sure to love and admire.

Sue Ann has written four delightful mysteries involving Odelia (“Too Big To Miss,” “The Curse of The Holy Pail,” “Thugs and Kisses,” “Booby Trap,” with the fifth in the series, “Corpse on The Cob,” just released.

In this lively romp of a story, Odelia sets out to find her estranged mother, who had abandoned her years ago. But she was not bargaining for the shock of finding dear old Mom bent over a dead body in the middle of a corn maze! As the police arrive, Odelia is in for a shock - the chief of police and one of the officers are actually her half-brothers! Will the surprises ever stop? Not when Odelia is involved!

As she noses around, attempting to find out what’s going on in the small Massachusetts town and how her mother is involved, Odelia may find herself well over her head as she tries to clear her mother’s name. With help from her dear friend (and fugitive) Willie and her loving husband Greg (who is a paraplegic, but just as keen to solve a good mystery as his adorable wife), the threesome roam the countryside turning up clues and harvesting a good crop of suspects.

Suspenseful and thrilling, with just the right dash of humor and romance “Corpse On The Cob” is a charming, entertaining mystery. Jaffarian draws upon her own background as a paralegal to give her character of Odelia the realistic legal background and knowledge to make her extremely believable. And as a full-figured lady herself, Jaffarian’s outlook on style and challenges give just the right emotional touchs that endears Odelia to the reader as well as makes her fascinating.

“Corpse On The Cob” is delightful as a stand-alone book, but readers will find themselves looking for the previous books in the Odelia Grey series, to have more fun with Odelia, and they’ll be glad they did! Jaffarian is also the author of the “Ghost of Granny Apples” mystery series (the first book, “Ghosts Ala Mode” was released September, 2009) and is working on a series of vampire-inspired mystery series, the first of which is due out this fall. Her “Odelia Grey” series has been optioned for film and TV rights, so who knows? – we might see Odelia on the big or small screen one day!


Mary said...

The Fluke book interests me - maybe it's because I love apple turnovers! I haven't read any of her books so maybe this will be a good place to start.

Book Chick City said...

These sound like great! I'm so pleased I bought the first book in the Cookie series. Thanks for linking your review! :)

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

You always have such great looking cozy mysteries here! I read your posts and want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and my blanket and jump into the big recliner for the day! :)

Hope you are doing well Sharon!

Janel said...

I love Joanne Fluke's series, but I need to get caught up on reading it. I think I'm 1 or 2 books behind this one!

Mark said...

I got these books back to back one weekend at their respective launch parties. I'm actually a book behind on Sue Ann's series, but I enjoyed Joanne Fluke's book (as always).