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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready for Spring!! And a review of "The Way We Were" by Marcia Willett

I am so ready for this winter to be over with! We have had more snow here in North Texas this year than I can every remember! I know we still have some bad weather to go, but I soaked up a little sun yesterday, and it felt so good!

Come on Springtime! We are ready for you!!!!!

(My dear husband says I should give up my love of the exclamation point for Lent...I can't help it, I get enthusiastic!!!!!)

Ok, to today's review ...I was sent Marcia Willett's "The Way We Were" to review, and I have just fell in love with this lady's work!

She didn't begin writing until she was 50 years old, and only after her husband persuaded her to give it a try. Since then she has written 20+ books, with hopefully many more to come. The covers of her books are lovely, and the stories inside the pages are fascinating and enchanting.

Here is my review of her latest paperback release, "The Way We Were."

Everyone should have a friend to whom they trust their deepest secrets, their precious hopes and fragile dreams.

For Tiggy, that friend was her childhood pal Julia, and it was to Julia’s home that Tiggy fled when her father, a renowned art dealer, tried to sexually molest her as a teen.

And years later, when her fiancĂ©e was killed on a mountain climb, it was to Julia’s home on the Cornish coast that a pregnant Tiggy fled as her life fell apart. With no family that she would acknowledge, Tiggy’s only precious possession was a small metal sculpture of King Arthur’s Merlin as a child, a gift her grandmother smuggled out to her as she left home.

When Tiggy tragically dies while delivering her baby, Julia steps in to adopt and care for her friend’s child as one of her own. The tiny statute was put away in a box of toys and forgotten for years. That is until word comes that Tiggy’s father, now elderly, has been arrested for dealing in art forgeries and the small piece might actually be the original work of a famed artist. Suddenly secrets kept for over 30 years were about to be exposed, and the truth would affect many lives if they are brought to light.

In her book, “The Way We Were,” British author Marcia Willett combines the past with the present as she tells the story of two women, their friendship and the love that would bind their families forever. Tiggy and Julia’s story is interwoven with the adult lives of Julia’s children – twins Andy and Liv, Charlie and Tiggy’s son, Zach as they begin families and lives of their own.

In a gentle manner that calls to mind the works of Rosamunde Pilcher and Maeve Binchy, Willett moves smoothly from one era to another as she tells the emotional but heartwarming story of old worries, new temptations, and a love strong enough to stand the tests before it.

“The Way We Were” is Willett’s sixteenth book, and the ninth to be published in the United States. An amazing achievement for a lady who didn’t start her writing career until she was 50 years old. Beloved in England, Marcia Willett has also found great affection among American readers as well.


Mary said...

I'll have to look for this author as I haven't read any of her books (just haven't seen them is my reason).
You had me laughing with what your husband thinks you should give up for Lent : ) My goal is to stop "yelling" at other drivers when I drive - I annoy myself, for heavens sake!
Have a good weekend : )

Janel said...

The sun was shining here in Michigan today too! It felt so good to have all of that warmth coming into my living room window.

This book sounds really interesting, with lots of plot twists.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

The book sounds wonderful! I am going to have to look for this one. ANd didnt write until she was 50 and has written 20 books? That is so inspiring!

Thanks Sharon for a great review. :)

Oh and LOL about the exclamation point.... I do love them too!!!!!!!!!