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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Texas-style Romance - Shattered by Joan Johnston

Today's romance takes us to Texas, my home state! Everything you have ever heard about Texas is probably true - the men are handsome, the women are pretty, and the romance is always hot!

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"Shattered," Joan Johnston's latest installment of her Bitter Creek series, is the story of two popular characters in the series, and their often lustful, misguided decisions affect lives all around them.

When Kate Grayhawk Pendelton caught her conniving husband, J.D., in the midst of an affair, her illusions of a happy marriage were shattered. Numb and devastated, she walks into a hotel bar, takes a handsome stranger by the hand and proceeds to blank out all her worries and woes with a night of unforgettable sex. Little did she realize that a decade later, that man, Wyatt Shaw, would walk back into her life and turn it upside down again.

Wyatt Shaw always remembered the beautiful woman who seduced him, and then left him as abruptly as she had come into his life. But when he discovers that the consequences of that one night had resulted in twin sons, HIS twin sons, he was determined to pull Kate Pendelton and her boys back into his life. With his connections in the D’Amato crime syndicate and his reputation as a ruthless, though unconvicted, killer, what Wyatt wants, Wyatt gets and what Wyatt wants right now is Kate and their sons, Lucky and Chance.

Kate is torn between Wyatt, the man who steams up her life, and Jack McKinley, the Texas Ranger she has loved for so long, But Jack has troubles of his own, in the form of an almost ex-wife who has turned up pregnant, and his own determination to put Wyatt Shaw in jail for life.

As Book 8 of Johnston’s Bitter Creek Series, I found “Shattered” to be a hard storyline to get involved with, not being familiar with the back stories of the characters. And there is a lot of back story here, folks. But I was intrigued at how one woman, Kate, could have all these men and their lives in such an uproarious turmoil. The girl’s got skills.

If you’re a fan of Johnston’s series, then you’ll enjoy the action and romance found in the continuation of the “soap opera-ish” drama of this book. But although well written, as a stand alone story – this one is a no-go in my opinion.
I will say that I just adored the twin 10 year old boys in this story, and loved their names - Lucky and Chance! What great names!

(This book is from my personal collection, and reviewed on my own free will.)

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Janel said...

This sounds like it has a pretty complicated plot or at least a very twisted one!