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Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is Your Brain In Love by Dr. Earl Henslin

The symbol for love is generally known worldwide as a heart. But in actuality, all the love emotions originate in our brain.

In his fascinating book, “This Is Your Brain In Love,” Dr. Earl Henslin explains in easy-to-understand language exactly how the human brain is responsible for the feelings and sensations we experience as love. Incorporating the latest in scientific research as well as stories of real couples, Henslin shows how the brain affects people’s love lives, and how to use the information he has garnered to enhance that love to newer, higher levels.

Dr. Henslin identifies what he has found to be five different “brain” types of lovers:

The Scattered Lover – hyperactive and distracted
The Over-Focused Lover – controlling and always right
The Blue Mood Lover – all gloom and doom and depressed
The Agitated Lover – angry and aggressive
The Anxious Lover – always worried something or someone will hurt them

Using the Brain Subsystems checklist developed by pioneer brain-scan researcher, Dr. Daniel G. Amen, and subsequent shorter tests geared for each type of personality, readers are able to determine which type of lover they and their partners are, and how they can become more compatible and find a happier, more joyful relationship.

At the end of each chapter, Dr. Henslin offers tips for both partners on how they can adapt and adjust to their “brain- type,” suggests supplements that aid in regulating the brain’s function, and also medications that might be helpful.

Henslin uses scientific information, but points out that a spiritual connection is also necessary for a happy, healthy relationship, especially in a sexual sense.

“It is so marvelous to realize how wise and creative God was when he thought up the concept of sex as a way to regularly bring couples back to one another,” Henslin says in his chapter “Sexuality and Spirituality: Divine Balm to Your Soul and Brain.”

“This is Your Brain In Love” is, in my opinion, probably one of the most important books on relationship that a couple could have. With advice on how to be kind to one another, how to forgive, how to have patience, and most importantly, how to keep the love fires kindled, this is a complete manual to having a successful, passionate, healthy marriage.

(I recieved this book for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers as a part of their Book Bloggers program. I was not obligated to give it a favorable review.)

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Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Interesting! I'll have to check this one out. Sometimes I'm missing out in the patience department! Might be a good read for me. Thanks, Sharon.

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