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Monday, March 22, 2010

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Spring is here, but you couldn't tell it this weekend in North Texas. We got a light dusting of snow, and a reminder that Mother Nature will bring forth Spring when she is darn good and ready!

So as it was wintery feeling, I thought a nice wintery book was in order.

The title of Kristin Hannah’s latest book might be imply a winter setting, but “Winter Garden,” encompasses all seasons as Hannah tells the heart-wrenching story of one family and the secrets that seem too heavy a burden to share.

As children growing up Meredith and her sister Nina had always thought their mother was a bit strange. Cold and withdrawn, Anya Whitson was the epitome of a Russian ice queen, but their father always interceded and gave the girls the love they craved. But when their father passes away, Meredith, now with a family of her own and in charge of the family apple business, is left to deal with her mother and her increasingly strange behavior.

Meredith appeals to Nina, a roving, but renowned photojournalist, to come home to help, and it is Nina who begins to crack through the icy barrier their mother has put between herself and her daughters. Urging her mother to tell them the fairy tale she told them as children, Nina soon find that the story is not fiction, but actually the horrific tale of a woman who desperately sought to survive the destruction of Leningrad during World War II and in doing so, nearly perished herself. As Meredith finds herself drawn to the story as well, the two sisters learn why Anya was the way she was, and why it affected their lives so significantly.

The journey the three women undertake would to unravel the past would soon lend itself to healing the present as well as to securing the future for their family.

Kristin Hannah has eighteen wonderful, bestselling books to her credit, but “Winter Garden” is her masterpiece. Her story flows seamlessly from the historical brutality of war-torn Leningrad to the peacefulness of Anya’s winter garden to the icy splendor of modern-day Alaska.

This is a story of mothers, daughters, and sisters. It’s also a story of sacrifice, selflessness, and strength. And it is a story of the renewing power of love, patience, trust and faith. “Winter Garden” grabs your heart, challenges your mind, and fills your soul. Well done, Ms. Hannah.

Kristin Hannah discussing her book, "Winter Garden," and how she came to write it.

This book is from my personal collection, and I reviewed it as such!


Mary said...

LOL, I'm so tired of winter I may wait until a hot summer day to read this!

Ingrid King said...

I can't wait to read this - I love Kristin Hannah.

Spring has finally arrived here, even though today is a dreary, rainy day. At least your blog lets me feel like it's still spring with its pretty colors!

Sheila Deeth said...

Something about winter - it creates great backdrops for stories.