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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hope's Child by Helen R. Myers

Hope’s Child
By Helen R. Myers
Silhouette Special Edition

One rainy Texas night, Hope Harrell’s life changed in a heartbeat. A tragic accident killed her ex-fiancé, and now Hope must face the fact that she is pregnant and must scramble to protect her unborn child from a pack of money-hungry relatives, including her own cold-as-ice manipulative father. So she turns to the one man in town that she knows that she can trust to protect her and her baby – her childhood friend, and chief of police Lyon Teague.

When Hope approaches him with her proposition for a marriage of convenience, Lyon is taken by surprise. But soon his affection and admiration for Hope turns into a fierce need to protect her from anything that dare to upset her world, and he agrees to marry the girl he has adored from afar for so many years.

As the couple learns to adjust to each other’s company, they find that through their shared determination to save Lyon’s job and thwart Hope’s father’s attempts to control her, their companionship and easy camaraderie has turned to the tender and sensual love that each hungers for.

In her forty-fourth book, author Helen R. Myers once again offers a charming yet sophisticated contemporary romance for her reader’s enjoyment. Basing her story in her beloved North Central Texas region, Myers bring a loving taste of Texas to a story that combines a healthy dash of unattainable love with a strong sense of family values.

I am so delighted that Helen has returned to world of romance after her highly successful venture into the world of suspense novels. She is a gifted writer who brings her readers into the heart of her stories and leaves them with a warm sense of romantic satisfaction.

For more information on Helen’s body of work, see her website at www.helenrmyers.com

This book is from my personal collection.

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holdenj said...

It looks like a good, somewhat emotional read! I always forget how much I enjoy some of the Sil/Harl series.