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Friday, May 7, 2010

Blog Hop Friday - Plus Review of "Oprah" by Kitty Kelley

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Book Review of the Day - Oprah by Kitty Kelley

She’s a household name, and one of the wealthiest and most influential women in the world. But what do we really know about Oprah Winfrey?

Famed biographer Kitty Kelley has dived into history and background of the famous talk-show host, and reveals her finds and observations in her new book, “Oprah: A Biography.”

At 524 pages, 48 of which are reference notes and citations, this book is no leisurely afternoon read, but Kelley, with her journalistic background, has put together a book that is too fascinating to put down at times.

Because Winfrey refused to have anything to do with the writing of this book (citing that because Kelley had written a controversial book on a member of her “family,” Jackie Kennedy Onassis), Kelley was left to examine the thousands upon thousands of articles as well as hundreds of interviews with family, friends, classmates and co-workers to compile one of the most comprehensive biographies on Winfrey to date.

From her childhood bouncing back and forth between parents from Milwaukee to Nashville, to her turbulent teenaged years, to her first jobs in the television industry to her present day status as a cultural icon, Kelley paints Winfrey as a stubborn, strong-willed woman who knew what she wanted from life at a fairly early age, and surrounded herself with friends and colleagues who would help her get what she wanted, even if it meant stepping on or over them to get it.

All through the book are tidbits of little known information, such as Winfrey’s supposed fling with entertainment journalist/musician John Tesh. There are also well known facts, such as her close relationship with her best friend Gayle King, and her romantic relationship with the mysterious Stedman Graham.

Perhaps the most unflattering is the information gathered from Winfrey’s own family – her mother, father, half-sister, and aunt – there isn’t much love-loss between them and their famous relative. But it was surprising to learn that Oprah had tendency to exaggerate the truth when it was helpful to her – such as claimed she was abandoned by her mother at birth and raised by her grandmother in Mississippi when in fact her mother was there until Oprah was four and a half years old, and left only to find a better job in the North so she could raise her children better.

Now, it helps to bear in mind that there are two sides to every story, and since Winfrey didn’t participate in writing of this book, it relates events as Ms. Kelley perceived them from the information and interviews she had on hand. Perhaps this will motivate Oprah Winfrey to publish the infamous autobiography that she penned several years ago and withdrew from publication before the first page was printed.


Julie said...

Hi! Just hopping by to check out your blog. That Oprah book sounds interesting. It must be hard as a famous person to decide which is worse - to assist with a biography in the hopes that you'll be presented well or to refuse to assist with it so you can say it's wrong when they write bad things about you.

Annette said...

I visiting from over at Book Blogger Hop. Glad to read a review on this book, I don't know if I'll read it, but was certainly curious about it.
Blissful Reading!

4IQREAD said...

Just hopping by to say hello. Good luck with your surgery. I had two neck discs fused, and it gave me a lot of relief.

LuLu said...

Hello from the book hop! I'm following you now....good luck with the surgery, I'll be thinking about you.


Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

Thank you ladies!

Jessica said...

Sounds an interesting autobiogrphy, I have to admit to knowing nothing about her because Im in the UK but we do hear bits and pieces.

Popping over from the hop