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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Death Threads: A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Grab a glass of cold sweet tea, head out to the porch swing and get ready to enjoy one of the best cozy mysteries of the spring!

My dear friend, Elizabeth Lynn Casey has just released her latest book, DEATH THREADS, her second novel in the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries series. And it is a true delight!

Small towns all have their secrets – the ones that the old-timers hold near and dear to their hearts.

But when dashingly handsome author Colby Calhoun reveals an awful secret about the founders of Sweet Briar, all heck breaks loose and Colby disappears, leaving a wide trail of blood and clues behind him. Would someone actually kill to keep the town’s secret?

Tori Sinclair loves her new hometown of Sweet Briar. As the town librarian, she has finally been accepted into the community, partly in thanks to the Ladies Society Sewing Circle who have taken Tori under their wings. Her good friend, Debbie Calhoun, is also a member of the sewing circle and when her husband disappears and is presumed dead, Tori expects the ladies to come to comfort and console Debbie. She was shocked to find them shunning her friend, due to the loose town secret being let out of the bad.

Outraged, Tori jumps into the middle of the investigation to try and clear Colby’s name, much to the chagrin of Police Chief Dallas, and she finds there is more than one secret floating around town. And some would make the adventures of the “Desperate Housewives” look almost tame in comparison.

Elizabeth Lynn Casey continues her stories of the lives and activities of the good folks of Sweet Briar, South Carolina in her latest Southern Sewing Circle Mystery, DEATH THREADS. Casey deftly crafts a thrilling mystery along with a charming story of friendship and small town life to create a fun, fast-paced novel that will keep cozy mystery lovers thoroughly entertained.

Casey’s characters are unique and endearing – the shy but handsome schoolteacher Milo who is sweet on Tori, the feisty Leona Elkin, Tori’s self appointed Southern manners and charm teacher, Leona’s loveable sister Margaret Louise, and the sassy, bright Tori Sinclair herself – all folks you would want to meet and become close friends with. Casey also includes helpful sewing tips and a pattern for a cute fabric gift bag project that is mentioned throughout the story.

Look for future edition of the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries from Elizabeth Lynn Casey. You’ll be glad you did.

Elizabeth is hosting a special Launch Week Challenge. The first TEN people to email her a picture of DEATH THREADS on a store shelf (with the where/when included) will receive a Southern Sewing Circle t-shirt!

The ten winners must submit a photo of a store/location that hasn’t been submitted by anyone else. And the preferred size of the winners’ t-shirts is subject to availability.

Let the hunt begin… Deadline to enter - May 10, 2010.

Email photos to: ElizabethLCasey@aol.com with “Death Threads Sighting” in the subject line.

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