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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary HIggins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark has to be the undisputed queen of mystery novels. With twenty-nine novels to her credit, plus five holiday mystery collaborations with her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, plus other sundry writing projects, Clark must keep her keyboard constantly burning white-hot.

To the delight of her fans, she consistently offers stories filled with intriguing plots, fascinating characters and suspenseful action.

Her latest novel, “The Shadow of Your Smile,” is no exception to the rule.

Can a nun, known for her charitable ways and tender care of ill children, be considered for sainthood if it is discovered that she bore a child out of wedlock and kept the birth a secret from all but a few? Long deceased, Sister Catherine has been credited for curing a young boy’s brain tumor through intercession of his mother’s prayers. But as the Catholic Church examines the claims of a miracle, the past returns to haunt Catherine’s family, which now consists of only 82-year old cousin Olivia Morrow.

Olivia knows Catherine’s secret, and she suspects that young and talented Dr. Monica Farrell is the great-granddaughter who stands to inherit the family’s fortune. Requesting a meeting with the pediatrician, Olivia dies under unusual circumstances before she can meet with Monica, leaving questions unanswered and Monica in real danger for her life.

As secrets unfold, the web of lies, scandal and violence grows as one family falls apart while others experiences miracles that seem to come from the blessed mercy of a nun with a heart of gold.

Mary Higgins Clark guides her readers through the complicated proceedings and circumstances surrounding her stalwart but compassionate character Monica Farrell. The fascinating supporting cast lends their stories to the thrilling main plot as the truth comes to the surface.

Clark’s masterful storytelling skills are never more sharper than in this brilliant new novel that is guaranteed to take its place among her best-selling works.

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Mash1195 said...

Sounds good...haven't read a Mary Higgins Clark in quite a while...thinking I need to catch up.