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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hearts On A String by Kris Radish

A cell phone down a toilet in a busy airport terminal is enough of a crisis to bring together five women, strangers to each other, who rally together in order to rescue the communication device. The absurdity of the situation soon finds the five laughing and getting to know each other briefly.

But when an announcement of the cancellation of all flights out of Florida due to a freak nationwide storm causes widespread panic throughout the airport, the five ladies band together to rent possibly the last rental car and take off to ride out the storm in the luxury of a hotel suite on the beach. What could be nicer?

Well, these particular five women all have more than a few deep, dark secrets, and eccentric personalities that are sure to cause a few catfights over the duration – and thus, you have a story!

Bestselling author Kris Radish spins a wild tale of friendship, heartache, and romance with a dash of international intrigue thrown in for good measure in her latest book, “Hearts On A String.”

Nan Telvid, owner of the cellphone and provider of the hotel suite, is a stressed out financial businesswoman whose marriage is crumbling and who has a secret that could devastate all those around her.

Cathy Girard is the sex-kitten Wendy’s executive who Nan knows has some sort of connection with Nan’s husband, but Cathy doesn’t want to reveal how she really knows him. She is the party girl of the bunch who keeps the conversation lively and the booze pouring.

Patti Nuttycombe is an aging lounge singer who longs for the security of a steady job and a home of her own. She finds herself as the voice of reason among the group, a position that she is puzzled by but accepts.

Margo Englestrom is the earth mother who keeps close tabs on her family but has a mysterious side to her that the others can’t quite figure out yet. She keeps the group fed and semi-happy.

And finally, there is sweet, plump Holly Blandeen, the shy hairdresser from Aberdeen, Ohio who has never had an adventure in her life and soon finds herself blossoming under the guidance of the four older, wiser, and nuttier women. Holly’s life will never be the same after this weekend!

With a lively cast of characters and a dizzying plotline, Kris Radish takes her readers on a rollercoaster ride of storytelling, incorporating a convention of psychics, a hurricane-force storm, a mysterious stalker, and a roomful of hormonally challenged women into the mix. It’s a firecracker of a novel.

Check out Kris' website, http://www.krisradish.com/, for more information on her previous books

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation.

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