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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet my friend, Curtiss Ann Matlock!

One of the perks of reviewing books is that occasionally you get to meet the authors, and in very special instances, you become good friends with those folks.

It is a huge honor for me to introduce you to my friend, author Curtiss Ann Matlock!

Curtiss Ann is one of the best romance writers around, and her books are delightful, warm looks at everday life through the eyes of an asute observer. And Curtiss Ann is as sweet and wonderful as her books are!

She wraps up her series of books about the small fictional town of Valentine, Oklahoma to a satisfying conclusion with her latest book, “Little Town, Great Big Life.”

Town patriarch Winston Valentine, the beloved host of the “Brother Winston Home Folks” radio show, is 92 years old and knows that the end of his life is probably not far off. But he’s not content to sit back and let death come to pay him call – no siree! He’s going to go out with a bang, and the whole town will be the better for it! After jazzing up the morning radio show, to the chagrin of his buddy and fellow radio show host Everett, Winston comes up with a great idea for the community. Why not buy a carousel for the park to commemorate the town’s centennial celebration?

As everyone deals with all the commotion to raise funds for Winston’s dream, readers can sit back and catch up with all the news from the other residents of Valentine –

Belinda Blaine is running the Blaine Drugstore while her mother Vella cavorts across Europe. When Belinda discovers that at 38 years old she’s pregnant, she doesn’t know whether to be happy or scared to death, and then there’s the little problem of telling her husband Lyle about the blessed event. The pregnancy also raises memories of a child lost long ago to Belinda and adds to the stress of the situation.

Belinda’s best friend Emma Berry has her hands full with keeping her husband John Cole healthy and happy, but worries about the distance that has come between them. When John has a heart attack, the illness brings the Berry family closer, a blessing in disguise.

The younger generation is having troubles of its own as Corrine Pendley and Paris Miller struggle to understand life, love and happiness. Little Willie Lee, Winston’s buddy and a special child in his own right, is happy as a calm, playing with his dear friend Gabby, who has declared she will marry Willie Lee when they grow up.

And a mysterious visitor to Valentine stirs up a great deal of excitement at Fayrene’s cafĂ©, and love may finally be in the air for the brassy lady – if only her new beau can keep his secrets hidden.

Visiting the folks in Valentine, Oklahoma is just like coming back home for a family reunion. Curtiss Ann Matlock has created a cast of characters that are funny, heartwarming, and charmingly eccentric, and she crafts stories that are a slice of Americana, filled with abundant amounts of joy and sadness, laughter and tears – just like all the best books are.

I’m sad to see the conclusion to Matlock’s “Valentine, Oklahoma” series, but will always be anxious to see what Curtiss Ann has in store for her readers in the future

For more information on Curtiss Ann and her work, check out her website at http://www.curtissannmatlock.com/


Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds like a series worth looking for. Thanks for the introduction.

Loren said...

Since I am from OK this sounds like a series I need to look into reading :) Will go to her site and check these books out! Thanks so much for this great review!

curtissannmatlock said...

Sharon-- you are so kind to not only give a review of my book, but to give such a true look at the book without revealing the entire plot. Thanks so much, dear friend.