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Friday, June 25, 2010

Moon Spinners: A Seaside Knitting Mystery by Sally Goldenbaum

I can knit - a little bit - I like to crochet more, but enough to know about knitting that it is a soothing process that combines touch and repetition that is calming and satisfying. Therefore, I enjoy reading about knitting, and I particularly enjoyed Sally Goldenbaum's latest knitting mystery, "Moon Spinners."

The gals of the Seaside Knitters are taking a break from their stitching to help their friend Gracie open her new restaurant, The Lazy Lobster and Soup CafĂ©. But when Gracie’s rich aunt Sophia Santos is killed in a freak car accident, and Gracie’s mother Julianne is arrested for her sister’s death, well you know the knitters can’t help but get involved in solving the mystery of who killed Sophia.

The close-knit friends who comprise the Seaside Knitters (Izzy, Nell, Cass and Birdie) each begin their subtle inquiries into the accident, and their questions bring out secrets that the Santos family had kept close until now. As the threads of the mystery unravel, the ladies soon find the killer could possibly been among their friends, a situation no one wants to see come true.

As the third book in the Seaside Knitting Mystery series, “Moon Spinners” continues the quirky and intriguing storylines that allow the reader to get to know the vast cast of characters better with each tale.

I love how author Sally Goldenbaum includes the little known tale of the Celtic “moon spinners,” mysterious women who pulled the silvery strands of light from the moon-lit sky and wind it on distaffs until the waning moon would disappear completely, leaving the world wrapped in a blanket of total darkness until the next full moon cycle begins. The tale adds the delicious chilly mystique that any good mystery needs.

Goldenbaum includes a cute pattern for a knitted Fish Hat with her story. So if you like knitting and love a thrilling mystery, “Moon Spinners” will weave you under its magical spell of a story.

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

What a fun read Sharon! Sounds perfect for the day here - overcast and gloomy - a great day to curl up with a blanket and a book!