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Monday, June 7, 2010

Southern romance at it's best! - Three new Sweet Magnolias romances from Sherryl Woods

I have been a big Sherryl Woods fan for many years, and my absolute favorite books of her has to be her Sweet Magnolias series. The stories of close friends in the quaint little town of Serenity, South Carolina are so warm and loving that they feel like you have come home to visit with friends.

Following the story of four friends, Maddie, Dana Sue, Helen and Jeanette, these ladies show they are no shrinking Southern belles, but some tough, but level-headed gals that know what they want in their lives are aren't afraid to go out on a limb to find it. But they are still womanly enough to know that love is the key to happiness in their varied lives.

Sherryl has three new books that pick up with the next generation of Sweet Magnolias, and they are just as fun and delightful as the first three books.

"Home in Carolina" is Annie Sullivan's story. The daughter of Dana Sue, Annie has come back home to Serenity, looking for a new start to life. To her surprise, her childhood best friend and sweetheart (and now major league baseball star) Ty Townsend is also home for the summer to recover from a career-threatening injury. Annie had always thought that she and Ty would be together, but when Ty betrayed her love, she can't imagine ever reconciling with her former love. But the magic of a Serenity summer, plus the encouragement and wisdom learned from the Sweet Magnolias might just show Annie that she should give Ty another chance.

"Sweet Tea at Sunrise" is Sarah Price's story. A single mom with two adorable kids, Sarah has come home to Serenity to recover from a nasty divorce, and she is struggling to learn how to cope with having to start all over again. When a sexy stranger, ex-baseball player and new radio station ownerTravis McDonald, comes into town and offers her a chance to learn a new career as a radio talk show host, Sarah soon finds a new confidence in herself. She also finds that the close working relationship with her boss is slowly turning into a romantic situation that she wonders if she is ready to embark on.

This book was probably my favorite of the trio! Woods captured the Southern hometown atmosphere and the fun of a small-town radio perfectly.

"Honeysuckle Summer" is Raylene Hammond's story. Raylene ran back to her hometown of Serenity as fast as she could to escape an abusive marriage, but she has brought a suitcase full of self-doubt and lack of self-confidence with her. Unable to leave Sarah's home, she helps take care of Sarah's kids in exchange for sanctuary, but when one of the kids runs off and Raylene is unable to go after him, due to her debilitating fear, she knows something has to change and soon. Sheriff's deputy Carter Rollins doesn't quite believe Raylene's story, but as they grow to know one another, he finds himself growing more and more involved in helping the damaged beauty regain her life, and possibly find the ability to trust and love again.

All three of these books are just perfect for a breezy summer's day or that beach bag that is just calling for something great to read! After all, who doesn't love a Southern summer romance!

Sherryl has a wonderful contest going on at her website to promote her new Sweet Magnolias books, with a prize of a $50 gift card to Cheesecake Factory! Check out the rules over at http://www.sherrylwoods.com/ for more information!

Thanks to Nancy Breland Public Relations for the review copies of these books! I was not compensated for this review.

If you have a minute - check out this video ...I guarantee you'll cry your eyes out - but this is the best of Carolina!!!

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