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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Romances - Four great books and a new challenge!

I’ve been in a real romance-reading mood lately, and have devoured quite a few in the past few weeks! I’ve read romances since I was old enough to choose my own reading material (and by snitching a few of my older girl-cousins’ Harlequins!), and I’m always amazed at the wide variety of genres in romance, and am sharing four of my current “favorites” here. They include a Sports romance, a Contemporary romance, a Regency romance and a Texas romance – see what you think!

I am also participating in the Summer Romance Challenge at Book Chick City’s blog, and these will count towards that! For more info on this fun challenge, go to http://www.bookchickcity.com/2009/06/2010-summer-romance-challenge.html

By Jodi Thomas

In the first book in her new series, author Jodi Thomas once again delves into her Texas roots to present a heartwarming and exciting story of three West Texas families, two potential romantic situations, and one big problem that bring everyone together for the good of the entire town.

The Trumans, Mathesons and McAllens settled Harmony when it was just an outpost on the Texas plains, and the families have never gotten along well. These days, Alexandra McAllen is the town sheriff, Hank Matheson is the fire chief and the Truman family is down to old curmudgeon Jeremiah Truman – that is until sixteen year old Reagan shows up claiming to be his long lost niece.

A runaway, Reagan had once known Jeremiah’s sister Beverly when she volunteered at the nursing home where the older lady lived. When Miss Beverly passed away, Reagan decided to take a trip to find the little town of Harmony that her friend had held so dear. Taking Miss Beverly’s last name, Reagan soon fits in to the community, even relaxing enough to become friends with teen rodeo champ Noah McAllen. But little did Reagan know that things around town were about to turn bad as an out-of-control fire threatens to destroy everything in its path!

Well known for her Jodi Thomas is a wonderful storyteller, and her books reflect her love and understanding the great state of Texas. Her new series centered on the town of Harmony promise to be ones to look forward to!

Nothing But Trouble
By Rachel Gibson

Romance and hockey? Doesn’t seem like they would go together, do they? But author Rachel Gibson makes the two subject work in her latest novel, “Nothing But Trouble.”

Hockey star Mark Bressler is recovering from a career-ending injury and is a model patient, that is, if the patient were a grumpy ol’ grizzly bear! He’s gone through several home health aides with his volatile behavior, but he’s about to meet his match in the form of Chelsea Ross. Mark is about to find out recovery can be a lot of fun!

Chelsea is desperate to raise funds to have a crucial surgery – she wants to have a breast-reduction procedure to help her aching back, not to mention her self-esteem. Her career as a “scream queen” actress just wasn’t paying off well. So when her twin sister lines her up with a job of baby-sitting the Seattle Chinook’s star player, with the add incentive of a $10,000 bonus if she can last three months, Chelsea jumps at the opportunity. She just hadn’t counted on the possibility of losing her heart to the handsome, but bitter Bressler.

I’m not much of a hockey girl, but Rachel Gibson’s lively, fast-paced story grabbed my attention and held it to the end. “Nothing But Trouble” is a sensual, passionate tale that packs a hard-hitting wallop or two. If you are a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s sports-themed contemporary romances, you’ll adore Rachel Gibson as well.

A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior
By Suzanne Enoch

Theresa Weller is an authority on how a young lady should act, having written a little guide called “A Lady’s Guide to Proper Behavior,” but she is about to meet her match when she meet the rude and ill-mannered Colonel Bartholomew James. Sensing a challenge, and more than a bit of romantic spark, Theresa is determined to drag the good Colonel back into London society.

Bartholomew “Tolly” James has returned from service in India a broken and bitter man. Life-threatening injuries to his leg, plus the torture of violent nightmares leave Tolly in the worst of imaginable bad moods. But when he meets the lovely Miss Weller, something inside him wants to change his attitude and demeanor to please the out-spoken, but beautiful young woman, but another part of him wants to teach her an improper thing or two as well!

Suzanne Enoch presents a fun, lively Regency-era romance with “A Lady’s Guide To Improper Behavior.” Her characters are witty and intelligent, the plot is sensual and fun, and the story flows along so well, it’s easy to lose yourself in the tale and find 2 or three hours have elapsed without you knowing it! She also catches her fans up on the other members of the “Adventurers’ Club,” that elusive group of wounded men who secretly reside under the care of the Duke of Sommerset.

Moonlight Road: A Virgin River Novel
By Robyn Carr

Author Robyn Carr is well known for her beloved “Virgin River” series, and her latest installment of the story, “Moonlight Road,” is a fascinating continuation of the tales of the folks who inhabit the beautiful Northern California area.

This time around, Aiden, one of those Riordan boys, having left the Navy to begin his civilian career as an OB/GYN doctor, is taking some time to himself to figure out where his life will take him next. He’s enjoying being with his family, and hiking the mountains for the summer. On one of his jaunts, he scares the wits out of a beautiful neighbor and finds he just might have stumbled into the love of his life …if he can just convince her he’s not serial killer or a bum!

Erin Foley has fixed up her brother-in-law’s cabin in Virgin River as a get-away retreat from her stressful life as an attorney. Having cared for her brother and sister since their mother’s death, Erin has never taken much time for herself, and plans to spend the summer relaxing. But she had planned on experiencing a first-time summer romance with the handsome Aiden. But their idyllic bliss is about to be shattered in the form of Aiden’s supposed ex-wife, who claims they were never divorced! That could put quite a damper on the dating process!

Carr’s “Virgin River” novels are always looked forward to by her fans, but they are also easy for a first-timer reader to pick up and quickly get into the back stories of the small-town residents. “Moonlight Road” is the eleventh book in the “VR” series, and they just keep getting better and better!

Check out a few of these great summer romances, and put a little love in your life!

Thank you to Avon Books and Nancy Breland Public Relations for the review copies of “A Lady’ Guide to Improper Behavior,” “Nothing But Trouble,” and “Moonlight Road,” in exchange for a honest review. “Welcome to Harmony” is from my personal collection.


Sabrina @ about happy books said...

I loved the book by Rachel Gibson and want to read the one by Suzanne Enoch.
Good luck with the reading challenge.

Ingrid King said...

I love Robyn Carr - I devoured the entire Virgin River series back to back.