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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Great Cozy Mysteries for Summer Reading!

Cozy mysteries aren't just for reading by the fireplace - they are great for taking to the beach, on vacation, or just lazing on the porch swing with a cool glass of tea by your side!

Here's two great ones that will liven up those hot summer days!


Cozy mystery author Earlene Fowler brings back her popular character Benni Harper for a fourteenth appearance in her latest book, “State Fair: A Benni Harper Mystery.”

Benni and her husband, Police Chief Gabe Ortiz, are attending the annual San Celina County Mid-State Fair when a valuable African-American quilt is stolen from an exhibit Benni’s folk art museum is sponsoring. At first the theft seems a part of the protest against the fair’s first black manager, Levi Clark. But when a body is discovered at another exhibit, Benni puts her skills as a pretty good sleuth to good use as she tries to figure out who was causing all the chaos at the fair, never dreaming that trouble was just about to come walking up her very front stop as well.

On top of all the hubbub with the murder, Benni’s beloved Aunt Garnet was coming for a visit, and that always stirred up a pot of trouble with the family. So when Aunt Garnet is fascinated with the murder investigation, Benni allows her to help out a bit. That might have been a big mistake!

Along with a great mystery, Fowler includes a bit of history of African-American quilting, dollmaking and folklore, and a healthy dash of humor between Benni’s grandmother and grant-aunt, to make “State Fair” another blue ribbon winner!


In the sixth novel of the charming and hilarious Domestic Equalizer series, “Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue,” Dixie Cash once again brings her fans a lively and exciting story of those madcap Texas gals from Salt Lick, Texas and their friends and family that will have you laughing one minute and shivering with thrilling intrigue the next.

Widower Justin Sadler was still grieving and mourning the tragic and unexpected lost of his beloved wife, Rachel. But it appears that maybe Rachel’s spirit is still around and poor Justin thinks he might just be losing his mind. When he begins to receive cryptic messages left on the refrigerator door by a set of alphabet magnets, Justin knows he has to get some help and fast. So he turns to that amazing duo, “The Domestic Equalizers,” aka Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins Martin, hairdressers extraordinaire and expert part-time private investigators.

Fascinated by Justin’s plea, Debbie Sue and Edwina set out to find out what or who is spooking the good-looking firefighter. Edwina remembers a psychic she used to see in El Paso, Isabella Paredes, who might could be of assistance in this case and arranges for a consultation. When the psychic arrives, it’s not Isabella (who has passed away), but her beautiful and equally gifted granddaughter Sophia who has come to help the ladies with their case.

As the gals and Sophia (she’s not a psychic, she’s a mentalist, if you don’t mind!) set out to commune with the spirits with an outlandish seance, it appears that the deceased Rachel just might be pointing out who the true culprit is, and it’s a surprise to all as to who is really is!

And as for Justin, as he slowly releases the spirit of his sweet deceased wife, he finds the hope of blossoming love developing for the lovely mentalist Sophia.

Dixie Cash (who is actually the sister writing team of Pamela Cumbie and Jeffrey McClanahan) never ceases to deliver an entertaining and fast paced story with the “Domestic Equalizers.” There is enough back story included that first-time readers can easily identify characters and situations from the past, and Cash’s keen wit and sharp humor shines in her imaginative Texas-style storytelling.

If you’re looking for a bit of romance, a heaping helping of thrilling mystery, and a whole lot of fun, you just can’t go wrong with “Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue.”

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