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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Author Interview with Western Romance novelist Linda Broday!

I am so thrilled to welcome my good friend Linda Broday to the blog today, and she has graciously agreed to answer a few question about the romance writing industry, and her new book, GIVE ME A TEXAS RANGER.

Sharon: When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Is there any particular book that inspired you to say “Hey, I can do that!”

Linda: As far back as I can remember, I knew I was meant to be a writer. I was telling stories long before I even knew how to write. But it took me a while to get the courage to tackle a full-length book. In fact, I was married with young children before that moment came. It happened when I read a romance book that didn't end the way I thought it should. I rewrote that ending to suit me and from there I decided I could write long books. I wish I could remember the name of the book but it's lodged in the deep recesses of my brain and won't come forward.

Sharon: How did you get interested in writing western romance?

Linda: I particularly decided on the western romance genre after reading Johanna Lindsay's "Angel." That was like a lightning bolt. Suddenly, it felt so right, a perfect fit for me.

Sharon: What led you to work with Jodi Thomas, Dewanna Pace and Phyliss Miranda on the “Give Me A …” series?

Linda: Phyliss contacted me after she got together with Jodi and the two of them decided to write an anthology. They went over a list of the writers with compatible voices that they'd like to work with and my name rose to the top. Phyliss approached me with the invitation and I said yes. I've never regretted it. It's an unbelievable honor to work with Jodi, Phyliss and DeWanna and have my name mentioned along with theirs.

Sharon: What appealed to you about working with four other ladies, on a project with all with the same/or about the same subject matter?

Linda: The fact that we're all good friends and we share the same ideas in regards to the level of sensuality and profanity. One of the greatest compliments came from Hilary Sares who was our agent at the time. She said reading GIVE ME A TEXAN and GIVE ME A COWBOY was like reading a single title, the individual stories had that type of cohesiveness.

Sharon: In your new book, “Give Me A Texas Ranger,” One of your character is a handsome but tough Texas Ranger- where did you gather your inspiration for this guy?

Linda: From watching western movies and reading the nonfiction book by Walter Prescott Webb called "The Texas Rangers." I wanted Stoney Burke to be as close to the real thing as I could get him.

Sharon: In the romance genre, do you see the competition for readership becoming more fierce? What do you do to keep your readers coming back for more?

Linda: The competition is extremely fierce. There has been an explosion of new romance writers and new books that push the boundaries in the last few years. To publish, a writer has to have a book that stands out above the rest. It's crucial to give the readers fresh plots and outstanding characters. I think my stories do that.

Sharon: The cover art on your compilation books are just gorgeous - very eye-catching! Who does the artwork for each book, and are you or the others consulted as to how it will look?
Linda: Thank you for the compliment about our anthology covers. We're very proud of them. Kensington Publishing is responsible for the high quality. They design the covers with no consultation with us.

Sharon: Who are some of your favorite authors? Who inspires you?
Linda: Linda Lael Miller, Jodi Thomas, Stacey Kayne, Lorraine Heath, and a new author on the scene named Kaki Warner are some of my favorite authors. I'm inspired by all of them. They push me to new heights.

Sharon: What do you have coming up in the future?

Linda: GIVE ME AN OUTLAW, our fourth anthology, comes out in July 2011 with A TEXAS CHRISTMAS releasing in December 2011. Then, we have a Valentine anthology on tap in February 2012. So we'll be very busy.

Sharon: What advice would you have for anyone wanting to break into the writing profession?

Linda: Read every book you can in the genre you want to be published in. Dissect their stories and find out what makes them work. Then write. And write some more. There's no substitution for writing. It's only by putting words on paper that you learn. I also have to mention perseverance. Even after you write the best story you know how, you have to have tenacious determination because of the volume of work being submitted to each publishing house.

My Thanks to Linda for taking the time to stop by! GIVE ME A TEXAS RANGERS is now in stores, and is it a hum-dinger of a book!


Born to protect and serve, these rugged lawmen are the stuff of Texas legend. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas teams up with Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda and DeWanna Pace to bring you four red-blooded Rangers and the women who tame their hearts....
When Annalane Barkley whispers her dreams to Wynn McCord, the Texas ranger has a new battle on his hands. For the sweet beauty's words awaken his every protective instinct and he knows he's found a woman worth fighting for...

When Stoney Burke finds Texanna Wilder in need of rescue, he's caught between his hardened heart and his duty to his best friend's lovely widow. Marriage is merely a solution to keep Texanna safe, but Stoney is suddenly aching for the wedding night...

Forced to take feisty Ella Stevenson into custody, Hayden McGraw has his hands full. But when he discovers the spitfire is on his side of the law, they're soon working as a team—up close and very personal...

Thomas Longbow only plans to use Laney O'Grady as his cover on his latest assignment. But the passion that explodes between them threatens to expose his plot—and his heart...

My Review:

GIVE ME A TEXAS RANGER is an adventure-filled, heart-racing novel by four of the premiere writers of Western Romance today - Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Dewanna Pace and Phyllis Miranda.

A compliation of four individual stories, my favorite of the bunch, (of course) would beLinda Broday's. Her story follows the adventures of a lively widow named Texanna Wilder, and her husband's best friend, Ranger Stoney Burke. Burke arrives in Devils Creek where Texanna Wilder is struggling to raise her son and keep her husband's half-brother from taking her, and her barber shop/ undertaking business that she has made successful. It's up to Stoney to put a halt to Marcus' plans and help out Texanna, but he didn't count on losing his heart to the fiesty Texas lady.
Step into the West and experience romance Texas style with GIVE ME A TEXAS RANGER!

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